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  1. jerseycowsman

    Roof mounted wind turbines?

    I see you can get up to 9 kw turbines to go on your roof. I may get a couple for my dairy shed to help cut grid power use during milking. Anybody with experience or suggestions? I am from windy Cornwall
  2. jerseycowsman

    Open lies about dairy farming

    Ok guys, I want to make sure my figures are generally right before I do the NFUs job and write to the economist and grocer magazines and the BBC about all this obvious bollox that is being spouted! Having done my carbon footprint and realising that mine and the UK average were quite low. I...
  3. jerseycowsman

    Badger proofing a shed

    We have a shed with one open side, the feed barriers. How far up does the netting or whatever need to be to keep the APHA vets happy that it is badger proof?
  4. jerseycowsman

    Mot on limited use vehicle?

    Hi, just tried to tax my kioti UTV that is just gone 3 years old and it says I can’t as I need a valid MOT? Is that right? I don’t have an MIT as I didn’t realise it needed one? It’s 1000cc and runs on red diesel. It’s registered as limited use. If it is right, can I change it?
  5. jerseycowsman

    How much nitrogen fert can I save by using dribble bar?

    As above really. Is there any difference between dribble bar and trailing shoe, ie can I graze it any quicker after trailing shoe than dribble? How soon could I graze after dribble bar/trailing shoe application. Can I cut out artificial nitrogen altogether on my grazing ground or silage ground...
  6. jerseycowsman

    Oregano oil

    I know it looks like snake oil! But we have had considerable success with lowering the cell count of individual cows with garlic boluses, so I am becoming more open minded to these more natural antibiotics. Thoughts...
  7. jerseycowsman

    Farm assurance

    Having just had the latest novel from red tractor drop through the letterbox, I am disgusted and insulted as to how it’s got to this ridiculous level of jobsworthness! We are currently milking 308 cows, none are lame, we have a bactoscan of 25 and cell count below 100. The parlour is clean, the...
  8. jerseycowsman

    Sawdust instead of straw for loose yards?

    Can this be done or do you use too much sawdust making it too expensive or does it just not work? If would be for youngstock, not milkers
  9. jerseycowsman


    Wowsers! This stuff could be a real game changer. Apparrently makes sheeting a one man job, no tyres, and the cows can eat the stuff! Anybody know much about it?
  10. jerseycowsman

    My electric fencer

    Just checking something here as my fencer appears to be playing up. The green is definitely the earth and the red is definitely the fence wire? What’s the black in the middle for, whilst you’re here? Is that right?
  11. jerseycowsman

    Grass growth?

    Does anybody reckon their grass is growing at 150 or even 200 kg/dm a day. It wouldn’t surprise me, grass is so good at compensatory growth?
  12. jerseycowsman

    Calving gate location

    My calving gate for the grant scheme has finally arrived, a Ritchie one. Anyone got any pictures of where you have put yours and pics of it in action? In a rush now as have to it paid, installed and claimed for by next week! TIA
  13. jerseycowsman

    Magic day

    How’s the grass growing now everybody? I think we may have reached magic day, only a month late! We’ve had 300 cows on 90 acres in May in years gone by, the cows are still grazing 200 at the moment! I assume like last year the grass will compensate, please tell me I’m right, old sages on here!
  14. jerseycowsman

    Electric use

    Ok guys, on our new farm we have a smart meter and I am struggling to believe it. It reckons we are using 120 to 140 kWh a day to milk 250 cows and cool 6000 litres a day of milk. We have a variable speed vacuum pump and heat exchangers. Seems a lot to me. how does that compare to you guys?
  15. jerseycowsman

    The “I’m too posh to push” calving index!

    I think the PLi should include the above. I’ve had enough of having to intervene and pull because the mother just isn’t getting in with it over the last 5 years. Then the calf is absolutely useless at finding its mothers teat as well, I then have to feed it too. All this snatch calving etc has a...
  16. jerseycowsman

    Is it going to rain again or is this 1976 mark 2??

    As the title says!
  17. jerseycowsman

    Small straw bale choppers?

    Can we buy a small bale chopper in the uk anymore? I found an American company, but that’s about it
  18. jerseycowsman

    Solar panel questions

    Hi guys, I’ve bought a farm with an array of panels on the dairy roof. I’ve got the FIT payments successfully transferred to me. But that’s about all I know. It looks like there’s a meter to measure how much is generated, will that just get knocked off what I use? Or how does it work. How many...
  19. jerseycowsman

    Aeration system

    I have an aeration system in the slurry tank under my slats. It’s been broken down for a while but now fixed. I am now not sure about turning it back on in case there’s a gas release and I kill a load of the cows! Or am I being overly dramatic?
  20. jerseycowsman

    Water supply

    Putting in complete new water supply in fields for 350 spring calving jerseys. I assume I should just go with 50mm pipe and be done with it. What size troughs, as big as I can get I suppose, although my tractor has a 2 tonne lift so maybe restricted,especially if I decide I need to move them...