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  1. Spudie

    Washing sprayer

    What’s best to wash out tank and lines when putting sprayer away for the winter? Just sprayed Crystal and would like everything cleaned inside before I put it away. Cheers
  2. Spudie

    Calf’s on Heatwave feeder

    Anyone fed calf’s on one with powdered milk and how do you get on with it. Got it for lambs this year and pleased how they turned out. Only problem I see is how much more they drink as would it be cost effective on beef calf’s, and how do you get them eating enough meal if they’re full all the...
  3. Spudie

    What size wheels?

    What wheels match? 13.6 24 on the front of a 2650. 16.9 34 on back at minute but wanting 13.6 on back for spud topper. Cheers
  4. Spudie

    Vapormatic immobiliser keypad Not working

    Came on a tractor a couple of years ago, but now temperamental if wants to work. Any one ever done away with it before it leaves me stranded
  5. Spudie

    Digital weigh head on lamb scales

    Anyone tried any cheap head on scales. Clock is gone on my old Poldenvale weigh bridge, would go digital if I could get one for not much more than clock. Don’t weigh that many to justify fancy set Cheers
  6. Spudie

    KRM M2 bearings

    Anyone able to tell how you go about replacing bearings below the disks, can you split the gear box and take shaft of disk. Cheers Aub
  7. Spudie

    Lucas Raptor

    Looking at a second hand one as my Teagle 4040 doesn't throw far enough. Its cable controls, but suits me less to go wrong. Anyone use one and how do you get on with them. Looked at bigger Teagle but none about plus narrow passage. Cheers
  8. Spudie

    New crush

    Going to build new crush, what width is best for up to 500kg stores? Current one leaves to much room for smaller ones to turn round and get stuck
  9. Spudie

    Nordsten 2030 grass seed

    Tried machinery section, but must be to old school for it. Anyone use one to sow grass seed, thinking of trying it in spring.
  10. Spudie

    Nordsten 2030 sowing grass seed

    Anyone used these for sowing grass, do I need a special kit or can it be slowed down. Thinking of an experiment for spring
  11. Spudie

    Kevernland 1700 superfaun

    As above, anything about. Only machine to suit small acreage for what I do. Cheers
  12. Spudie

    Derv VAT invoices

    how does everyone keep invoices for derv vat. Have fuel card which was fine for a while but now is more than pump. Any other ways apart from the stupid little till receipts that get lost or illegible any fiddly to read as do my own VAT cheers
  13. Spudie

    Trimble 250 power interuption

    Anyone have any issues with the power blinking off when you start the tractor,then you have to wait for satellite's again. one tractor power is coming straight from battery and it still does it. Any suggestions on what to do as tired of leaving tractors running just to keep signal as it takes...
  14. Spudie


    Anyone else getting hammered with these sponsored Vegan adds. Getting sick of it now, always hit hide add but I keep getting new ones. Before anyone asks I don't open them to read first. Rant over
  15. Spudie

    Sheep Tags

    Looking new tags. any recomendations. Ease of use and retention no. 1 Its double tags eid plus ordinary cheers Aub
  16. Spudie

    Emails in folders

    Is there any way that I can automatically move say invoices to a folder. So that each month I can just open that folder and go through them,if that makes sense. Cheers
  17. Spudie

    Bps land codes

    Anyone a link to codes, probably can't see wood for trees. Cheers Aub
  18. Spudie

    Planting salad potatoes

    Anyone use quad splitters on their 2 row planter. Looking help on getting a set made up. Been using a standan 3 row planter but we've had enough of it, lucky boss drives planter so not my problem. Cheers Aub
  19. Spudie

    VAT on derv

    Doing vat and am fed up tying to keep all those little till receipts for the returns. What's everyone else's method. Garages don't want accounts any more. Any cards give you breakdown to make it simpler.
  20. Spudie

    Sound bar through sky box

    Sound is crap through tv so got a sound bar. Tv is quite old so doesn't have right ports. Was told I can do it through sky box, anyone know how to go about this?