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    Wiring chewed.

    As above,got a bill for £320 today to sort the oil sensor wiring on the wives Audi where it had been chewed by mice. Does anyone have any ideas as how to stop them,this is the third time they have done it. The Audi is the only vehicle they do it to ,the pick up and daughters car are untouched.
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    Winter Oat Straw

    I have been offered some winter oat straw,I have never used it before.Would it be ok to feed to suckler cows.What would it be like for bedding?
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    Welsh Winter Fair

    I see it was won by a Scotsman who also won the Thainstone Christmas Classic on the same day hats off to the boy that is some achievement.
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    Dingwall Tup Sale.

    Is anybody going? There is a record entry of Cheviot tups. 815 all going through the one ring so there will be tups to suit all budgets and tastes. The show starts at 8 am followed by the sale at 10 am.