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  1. Selectamatic

    Recommend me a Printer / Scanner

    Hello, It's time to get a printer and scanner, what would you recommend? It's going to be with me for a few years, hopefully, of printing in B/W, and scanning paperwork up to A4 in size. Thanks everyone! :)
  2. Selectamatic

    Something to preserve tinwork…

    Hello, I’ve got a little tractor with a original Q cab on it. It’s in good condition although there are little patches of rust coming through, it’s original, and I would like to preserve it, not letting it get worse, but also not restoring it. I’d like to paint, spray, rub, something onto it...
  3. Selectamatic

    Drilling with tramlines...

    All help greatfully accepted... Soon, I will be sowing winter cerials, but for the first time ever I will be laying down Tramlines. Three Meter Box Drill, not on a Power Harrow. I have a 12m Sprayer. Just pondering the best way to go about it... Thanks everyone!
  4. Selectamatic

    Chicken Muck...

    Hello, I've been offered some chicken muck. It wont cost me much, and am keen to take it. I will spread it on some stubble ground and plough it in. Am I doing the right thing? Is there anything to worry about? Roughly, how much to the acre should I be spreading...? Thanks for your help. :)
  5. Selectamatic

    What gets rid of Docks?

    Had a walk around my hay earlier today, mowing Tuesday…? last year there were no docks in it at all, suddenly, this year, loads!! What can I spray to kill them when they start to regrow after a cut of hay? Problem is, I only want to kill the docks, not the clover etc etc…
  6. Selectamatic

    Has anyone used “Bigtyres”? They have some good deals by the looks, even when you add the fitting charge. Has anyone any experience with this company, good or bad? Thanks!
  7. Selectamatic

    More fert on my spring wheat?

    Evening, About a month, ish, ago i sowed 80kg an acre of spring wheat, and put another 100kg of 20-10-10 down the drill spout. Now, I’m a total novice to growing wheat, but the question is, should I give it a bit more fertiliser? If so, what, and when? I can feel the eyes rolling in your...
  8. Selectamatic

    Grain and Fertiliser Drills

    Combined Seed Drills, Fertiliser Placement. Have they fallen out of favour everywhere? To my knowledge I am the only one in the area to use one. Why is this? Many praise it for being a good way to establish cereals, but no one bothers with them any more... We are talking small box type drills...
  9. Selectamatic

    Spring feed wheat - good idea?

    Hello! As the title asks really, what’s to look out for when growing spring wheat? I’m not after top quality milling stuff, just a bit of feed...
  10. Selectamatic

    What Pick Up Truck...?

    I know, I know! Almost as strongly debated as Forager's v's Wagons... Im thinking of a new pick up, but as I don't have much experience with them, I thought I'd ask the collective! :) Shopping List I cant justify a proper double cab really, but one of those extra cab versions would suit, I...
  11. Selectamatic

    Where would you get a Crankshaft for a MF65?

    A friend of mine has stripped a MF65 down, the problem was knocking noise in the engine... Turn's out the crank has broken! :oops: Where would the MF experts on here suggest getting a new one?
  12. Selectamatic

    How much data will I use?

    I'm going to be coming out of the dark ages soon, I need a new mobile phone... I have a work smart phone, that I use for a few personal bits too, ebay, mobile banking, emails, etc etc Question is, how much data is enough? 1GB, 2? 3? etc etc etc? I don't want to under egg the pudding and be...
  13. Selectamatic

    Have you heard of MD Plant, Worcester?

    Hello, Who’s heard of MD Plant, Worcester? Good, bad or indifferent...? 🙂
  14. Selectamatic

    Muckspreaders... Does what I'm looking for exist?

    Evening all, I do a bit of muck spreading for smaller customers, horsey folk, where 10t Bunnings cant get to etc etc. At the moment, I have this... It's ok, but not heavy duty enough, and not big enough. (However, I'm not looking for massive, as it defeats the object of the thing!) So, On...
  15. Selectamatic

    How to set drill markers?!

    It should be simple enough, but the more I look at it, the worse it gets!! I have a new (to me) box drill, it's three meters wide, so it has markers, unfortunately, the markers are not long enough to scribe a mark to line up along the centre of the bonnet, rather, its a guide to run the front...
  16. Selectamatic

    Which 4x4...?

    Yes, I know, yet another 4x4 thread... I don't know what to buy, any ideas folks...? What I would really like is Dad's Daihatsu Fourtrak, but a bit fresher... Requirements... 1) Needs to be able to tow 3000kg ish without slogging and making hard work of it. 2) Needs to be 4x4, not mud...
  17. Selectamatic

    Who's on I-bidder?

    With people having to keep away, more stuff is being sold via i-bidder. Who's on it, and is it any good? Anything to look out for, remember, be wary of? :)
  18. Selectamatic

    Backhoe v's Tracked Excavator

    Bit of a nonsense question, I know, but just a thought... If I gave you, say, £15000 and sent you on your way to come back with either a Backhoe or a Tracked Digger, what would you come back with and why? What make and model? And what would you avoid? I'd be doing some of my own work with it...
  19. Selectamatic

    Teach me about combination sowing...

    My Current Set Up... Followed by... It works well, especially in spring, where the soil is dryer, the weather better, and generally a better job all round. However, this year, like last, I've been caught out with the weather, done some ploughing, and waited for a little bit of drying that...
  20. Selectamatic

    Ford 6810 III fuel issues

    Hello, a friend of mine has dirty diesel issues... A Ford 6810, J Reg, Generation 3. SQcab It idles for a while, then hunts, then stops, priming and bleeding sets it going again. changed both fuel filters, which were solid with crap, removed tank, swilled out, cleaned gauze on the end of the...