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  1. SimonD

    Organic Conversion

    Mostly follows an arable rotation as follows: Wheat (2020), Wheat (2019) (FYM applied) , OSR (2018), Barley (2017) (FYM Applied).
  2. SimonD

    Organic Conversion

    I thought taking two cuts wouldn’t cause any real damage. I take it that’s an incorrect assumption?
  3. SimonD

    Organic Conversion

    So I can understand the value of the crop.
  4. SimonD

    Organic Conversion

    Can anyone give me an idea on expected tonnage/ha for clover in conversion please? Light soil type.
  5. SimonD

    Groundswell 2019

    He’s on Twitter and pretty interesting, Loran Steinlage is another No-till farmer with a different approach to farming.
  6. SimonD

    Liquid Fert

    Haven’t had any problem with fert as it’s relatively clean but need to flush pipes through after with clean water.
  7. SimonD

    DD Soya (2018)

    I’d like to come, I don’t think your that far away from us. Where are the field talk details please?
  8. SimonD

    DD Soya (2018)

    Where’s the market for it and what’s the cost been so far? Interested in it as an option.
  9. SimonD

    Is that the real picture?

    They need to revisit the benchmarking exercise once the system is mature and the necessary learning from experience incorporated into the processes as I think you'll get a different picture regarding yield delivered. Getting the mindset right that it's a systems approach, rather than simply...
  10. SimonD

    Standing Wheat straw now well over £200/acre in the SW

    I've 25 acres Wheat straw for sale near Sherborne
  11. SimonD

    Groundswell 2018

    There’s some interesting U.S farmers on Twitter, Rick Bieber @RickBeiber81 who make good guest speakers and are leading the intercropping piece. Keynote speakers provide their specialist in-depth knowledge and having the likes Jake Freestone et al provides the application and in-use knowledge...
  12. SimonD

    Groundswell 2018

    I though it strikes the right balance between interested amateur and the more seasoned operator. Additional events were run last year, an example being a day with Joel Williams which was more than enough to go away with detail rather than overload.
  13. SimonD

    Groundswell 2018

    Best way of passing on practical knowledge. I attended Simon Chiles operators course at John Cherry's and one of the most rewarding parts was walking some of the crops discussing strategies and "Learning From Experience". Forums are great for passing on theory and discussion but practical...
  14. SimonD

    Groundswell 2018

    Thought it was a well thought out and put together drill with a good surface finish behind it.
  15. SimonD

    Groundswell 2018

    Enjoyed both days, well done John and family.
  16. SimonD

    Triton direct seed drill

    I just don’t see how this type of drill will reduce a BG problem given the disturbance of soil.
  17. SimonD

    Stupidly high seedrates

    seed rate is high , difference is the addition of N alongside the seed. It’s the way ahead for me given I’ve grown some crap spring Barley before.
  18. SimonD

    Rye cover and barley

    Rye seems hideously expensive as a cereal, will look to oats instead.
  19. SimonD

    Yield drop when moving to direct drilling

    Worth visiting, you’ll see and learn a great deal and meet some interesting people. Go and listen to some of the contributors here and Joel Williams, you’ll soon be convinced of the systems merits. Nobody knows everything but there’s a wealth of information out there to tap into.
  20. SimonD

    Groundswell 2018

    Hoping to go up for both, give me call when you’re there. Edit-now booked.