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  1. Northdowns Martin

    Liquid Fert Oxfordshire to Kent

    Full artic tanker load to ME65DR
  2. Northdowns Martin

    New Bobcat Telehandlers

    Only turned up this afternoon, as you say looks beastie. Good tip angel on a par with JCB, the Merlo and Manitou we looked at were disappointing.
  3. Northdowns Martin

    New Bobcat Telehandlers

    We have one on demo, a KT407
  4. Northdowns Martin

    New Bobcat Telehandlers

    We are telehandler hunting at present, looked at the Bobcat in MF colours thought in was fairly bulky and poor vision. Is the new one 38.7 a new design recently out that we may not have seen yet?
  5. Northdowns Martin

    Combinables Price Tracker

    I don’t see any reason to yet.
  6. Northdowns Martin

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Just cashed out OSR for £600 plus bonuses, may have more legs we'll see.
  7. Northdowns Martin

    Neat Hedges

    Totally agree that all situations are different, my reply was to feilding's statement that all hedges should be cut back hard every year. Road side hedges need cutting for safety reasons.
  8. Northdowns Martin

    Neat Hedges

    Disagree, our farm policy was as you describe, operator cut hedges same height, same width, same time, year on year. The quick growing species thrived on that approach, hedges became dominated by brambles, elder, and especially old mans beard which destroyed the hedge. We now have replanted...
  9. Northdowns Martin

    AHDB webinar on muck

    May be of interest to some.
  10. Northdowns Martin

    Combinables Price Tracker

    OSR at £590 Dec in kent
  11. Northdowns Martin

    Combining grain maize

    Jon Hynard would be worth speaking to, he's been harvesting maize for a number of years in kent and the south east
  12. Northdowns Martin

    Fuel price tracker

    todays quote in kent red 72.66 for 3000lt, kero 62.98 for 1000lt, bulk isn't cheaper here than you can get it
  13. Northdowns Martin

    Hydraulic driven fan unit wanted

    After a unit similar to one pictured, if anyone can help out it would be much appreciated
  14. Northdowns Martin

    Horsch co4 covering harrow,Horsch%20co%204%20updates,-Thread%20starter Pictures in this thread
  15. Northdowns Martin

    Stolen equipment may not be far away

    Why are police a waste? If you have firm belief that your property is with someone that it shouldn’t be I’m sure they will respond, at least I know my local rural team will.
  16. Northdowns Martin

    Liquid fert prices?

    Last email from my liquid supplier was an offer on finance for unpriced delivery 😱 One before that was £228/t N24+s autumn tank fill,
  17. Northdowns Martin

    Combinables Price Tracker

  18. Northdowns Martin

    Combinables Price Tracker

    I was quoted £555 Nov yesterday
  19. Northdowns Martin

    Combinables Price Tracker

    £552 Nov OSR + bonuses. Had to ask to repeat in case misheard
  20. Northdowns Martin

    Can anyone recommend me a drone?

    Sorry if appearing to hyjack, I’m looking for something similar ie tracking an altitude and route to scare pigeons. Not overly worried on camera but would be useful. I suppose noisier and bigger the better in my situation. Budget up to £1k