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  1. Hooby Farmer

    Jersey calves

    Looking for a few Jersey heifer calves. They dont have to be pedigree, as they will be for a focal point on our pets 🤣🤣.
  2. Hooby Farmer

    2020 Polaris Ranger

    New model diesel Polaris Ranger Cab and doors with heater pack New or ex Demo. Would consider buying new and letting dealer use as demo machine for 2/3 months for adequate discount.
  3. Hooby Farmer

    Ironworker & big band saw

    Looking for an ironworker with tooling and big band saw. Not too concerned about age.
  4. Hooby Farmer

    Did many of these ever sell?

    I bought this from a forum member a couple of years ago and only got round to using it this year. I'm sure it wasnt its original purpose but I cut down to a usable size and have used it as a cultivator on ploughed ground.
  5. Hooby Farmer

    Best place to get Rolland blue/green paint

    Like above, where is the best place to get the blue paint or a RAL number. Was quoted £35 for 0.5L which is far too much.
  6. Hooby Farmer

    Just watched BBC live

    Just seen on BBC news live a fluid dynamacist or something to that effect. Was explaining flooding and how it's has happened more since the EA have taken it on with there ethos of Rivers being self dredging. Hopefully someone more techy than I am can post a link of it.
  7. Hooby Farmer

    Where can I get these?

    Making up a few more lambing pens. Where can I get these hook/bracket things from? I know I could make them no probs but for speeds sake I would just buy them.
  8. Hooby Farmer

    Any fuel gun/hose recommendations?

    Our diesel tank needs a new gun and hose, does anyone have any recommendations. It's not something I've changed before, the last one is a Goodyear hose and gun my dad says has been there all his life he's now coming 75 ?. I like the idea of the one that counts the litres and a filter on it.
  9. Hooby Farmer

    Has anyone any experience of this company.

    Has anyone any experience of this company? Seen a machine they have has caught my eye. It's a bit far away to go and see. But if they are a decent firm the journey would be easy made.
  10. Hooby Farmer

    Aluminum quad trailer

    Is there such a thing? I have a galv'd one like below and its heavy for my little 250 even before you put stuff in it.
  11. Hooby Farmer

    Where can I get these pins?

    Project coming up and I will need a handful of these pins. Are they and off the shelf item?
  12. Hooby Farmer

    Anyone running LPG 4x4

    Like above anyone running an LPG vehicle on the farm? It does not seem particularly popular. All I can really see are old range rovers, I know they are really the only popular petrol 4x4s out there. Would an American style pick up be worth running?
  13. Hooby Farmer

    Castor wheels and rollers

    Up coming project for a customer not sure where's the best to place buy 200mm rubber castor wheels and 300mm wide conveyor rollers. Any direction much appreciated.
  14. Hooby Farmer

    Combine Concave repair/buy new

    Hi there I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for above. I have an aging 955 with a worn concave. Rasp bars are fine but have been putting the evil day off for a while now.
  15. Hooby Farmer

    Dynashift lights MF6280

    Driving down the road all of a sudden loses drive and lights flash up. Hydraulics are all ok lift ok just stuck in D with the hair a tortoise. I have a feeling it's probably a loose connection/Earth but I've checked/wobbled what I can. Has anyone experienced this before or a a solenoid known...
  16. Hooby Farmer

    Killer Creep Feeder

    Two Sundays ago, found a dead lamb about 5m outside the creep feeder, thought nothing of it. The next Tuesday, another dead lamb this time inside the feeder. Wondering to myself whats going on now. Checked the feeder for dirt etc inside the hopper. All the lambs are up to date with Heptavac...
  17. Hooby Farmer

    Doggy depression?

    I had 3 dogs 1 collie and 2 Staffordshires. I ran over and killed my collie about three weeks ago. She was 13 and I think her eyesight/depth perception was going, ran out in front of the handler like she had done 20,000 times before. I am flipping gutted about it. I am worried about one of the...
  18. Hooby Farmer

    Tyre size for mf6280

    Bit of a panic bought some new tyres for the above tractor 520/85/38. Local machinery dealer said they will fit no problem. Standing beside them today in wheelman's Depot,, They look bloody huge and I'm a bit concerned. Anyone else run this size?
  19. Hooby Farmer

    38 inch rims to fit mf 6280

    Looking a tidy set of 38 rims for a 6280.
  20. Hooby Farmer

    Ewe on its back

    Like a above had a ewe went on her back was lying from Friday afternoon to around Saturday afternoon. The ewe is living and bright, eating and drinking, but it seems to have lost the power in it's back left leg, leaving her unable to stand even though she's trying to. I have checked the leg...