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  1. leroyo8

    Herbicide selectivity trial site search

    Hi All, I am looking for farmers who are drilling winter wheat in early October and would be interested in hosting a herbicide selectivity trial around Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Please do contact me if you are interested or are able to point me in the right direction and...
  2. leroyo8

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone. Just thought I did introduce myself. My name is Leroy, and I work as a field trialist for a contract research organisation in agrosciences. I do not have a farming background but 3-4 years ago after finishing uni, I got my first job assisting to carry out research trials at ADAS...
  3. leroyo8

    Looking for farmers around Gloucestershire/Worcestershire area interested in hosting OSR trials.

    Dear all, This might be a long shot but worth a try. I work as a field trialist for Staphyt ltd based in Bicester, Oxfordshire where we carry out efficacy and residue small plot trials to test crop protection products in order to help support research/registration of products. We are looking...