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  1. hally

    Cheapest 6m dribble bar

    Who makes the cheapest 6m dribble bar? Looking for one to fit on the back of an existing 1600 gallon major tanker, not heavy user only 250k gallon a year but like to be independent and 4k grant available at the moment.
  2. hally

    Te pari hd3

    Thinking about upgrading my te pari, any body know what mine is worth to sell? Te pari HD3 full auto drafting, weighing, mounted on a mobile te pari trailer. Comes with a truest 3000 weigh scale. Excellent condition and simply the dogs b*llocks for handling sheep.
  3. hally

    Disco 5 brakes

    Just had disco mot done and it says front brakes/discs worn but not excessively is there any way of knowing when to change them like a warning light or do them now as service is probably 6k miles away?
  4. hally

    John deere 6320 dash backlight out

    As above likely a fuse gone but can’t make any sense of the fuseboard diagram, and cant see a fuse gone but can’t really tell which one it is. Anybody any idea where to look when it’s daylight. TIA.
  5. hally

    Power beyond mistake

    Eldest son has just arrived in the house covered in oil, apparently tried to pull the power beyond return pipe with the engine running ( simple mistake) and the tractor started spewing oil out behind the spool valves. However filled it up with oil and it’s not doing it now, is there a relief...
  6. hally

    Front cultivation

    Got quite alot of stubbles to put back to grass this year. Just wanting to know what is the best type of front cultivator for loosening up soil on preparation for our erth direct drill on the back. Normally have never needed anything but we have had an odd poor result in the past we are putting...
  7. hally

    Claas 2600

    Got new rake this year but we take arms off for travelling on the road due to low branches around here However i complained that there was nothing to hold the removed arms on the frame and they were rattling off. So they dropped off two rubber straps which hardly fit. Are these the right part?
  8. hally

    12v water pump

    Currently using one of these solar pumps to water an outlying block if ground. The 12v flojet pump is a real pain in the arse though as any air gets in then it airlocks and pumps away until it is red hot and knackered. Just wondering if anyone knows of a more robust type pump set up for moving...
  9. hally

    Reseed Nitrogen

    Often have the question asked of me, when to apply nitrogen on a new grass reseed, in the seedbed or after establishment. Just wondering what’s everybody’s opinion on this.
  10. hally

    Honda 520 pioneer

    Has anybody had a go in the new 520 pioneer? Look quite an interesting alternative to a quad bike without moving to the bigger heavier side by sides. Nippier, manoeuvrable, and easy ran into a bike trailer for shipping between blocks of land.
  11. hally

    Staggers in sheep

    Now the 20% calcium boroglucanate is not available what does everybody use?
  12. hally


    We have got an agridata program for our cattle. The company is know finished so no backup. However due to being sick of BT, we are wanting to change phone suppliers but our email is a BT one. So we want to change our email address but this old program uses the BT email address to email BCMS...
  13. hally

    Tagging new inside born lambs

    Just wondering if anybody dips tags in iodine when tagging new born lambs. We do but wondering if it is necessary as it is a bloody dirty job.
  14. hally

    Diet feeder for sheep

    started feeding ewes this year with a diet feeder and it’s going very well so far. one issue is, due to the drought ( very rare around here ) our bales are a lot drier than normal so the meal is dropping out and the ewes are nosing the silage about to get down to the meal. Will adding water...
  15. hally

    Digger tracks

    Got a kubota 48.4 digger here which has split a track this afternoon fixing drains. I would normally just replace it as other is not too bad but as this digger is very poor for grip i was fancying putting her on wider metal tracks. The only problem i gave is that i move it around our land with a...
  16. hally

    Kramer telescopic boom

    Just greasing up my Kramer and noticed the boom looks a little dry. What is the best product for lubricating these telescopic booms?
  17. hally

    Leaking wall

    I have a cattle shed dug into a bank with a shuttered concrete retaining wall. However one bit has a vertical crack in it 3 foot high and it’s letting water into the shed during periods of high rainfall like yesterday. when the shed is emptied is there anything that can be painted or trowelled...
  18. hally

    Tractor cd

    New jd hasn’t got CD player and I have a good selection of cd’s, so how do I go about playing them without buying all the music digitally on my phone? Tia.
  19. hally

    Bales into diet feeder

    Looking for some opinions Recently bought a small diet feeder fir feeding bales out to our cattle and sheep, so far going grand except that the tanco bale shear we have got is not working in that despite being 4 or 5 foot above the feeder often the bale turning on the tub seems to grab the...
  20. hally

    Claas starting problem

    We have a little 85hp orchard tractor we use for scraping out, pumping slurry, logs etc. It has never been a very good sarter on a cold morning, never seems to turn the engine fast enough, if we clip our jump starter onto the battery positive and pto shaft as the negative it starts instantly...