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    Trimble greenseeker

    Hi all, with the price of fertiliser been where it is and trying to use it more efficiently, is anyone using the handheld Trimble greenseeker to assess the health of a plant and determine how much nitrogen the crop needs? If so do you think it is a good tool, and saving you nitrogen? Tia
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    Redlynch Tractors

    Hi, looking at a machine at Redlynch tractors it’s a long distance from me. How have others found them to deal with? Tia
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    CX radiator

    Hi, whilst servicing round the combine today I noticed that the radiator had a lot of wet dust stuck to it on the bottom section and also underneath the radiator itself. The radiator appears to be in three sections, a small top one then large middle section then a small bottom section. Will...
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    Accord disc coulters

    Hi, I am currently changing the discs on my Kv/accord combi drill and some of the disc bearings are worn so replacing them too as I go. Is there an easy way to pull the bearing and hub of the shaft as they are very tight. Can’t get bearing pullers on very well as back of the hub is too close to...
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    Slurry tanker question

    Hi, this may sound daft but I am going to put slurry on top of some spring barley/wheat tomorrow, the previous owner of the tanker has cut a piece off the end of the rubber nozzle for the splash plate. Will this affect how far the slurry spreads? Ideally I would like it too do 12m so to go In...
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    Spring wheat nitrogen

    Hi all, first time sowing spring wheat tomorrow, is it best to put all nitrogen in seedbed as I do with spring barley or put half down now and half later? Tia
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    Tractor discounts

    Hi we are in the process of buying a new tractor. We have had quotes back from a couple of dealers but the difference in list price to retail price is quite different between the two, i.e. the % the dealer has allowed. What % discount would you normally expect to be given off list price? Tia
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    Lime cost

    Hi I've had some fields soil sampled and a couple have come back wanting lime applied. It's something we have never had to do before, what would be a rough figure for cost of lime and application. In general the two fields are wanting 3t/acre over the 50acres so 150 t in total. Tia
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    Horsch front hopper

    I am looking at front hoppers to sow seed and fertiliser together blowing it from a front hopper to a rear mounted toolbar. Has anyone got experience of the horsch partner 2000ft? Good and bad points. Tia
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    Sprayer flotation wheels

    Hi all first year running a trailed sprayer and was wondering what size flotation wheels you are all running on? Tia
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    NH CX combine errors

    Hi my cx combine has recently been throwing up some error codes of which my dealer is not getting to the bottom off. It flashes up ccm1 offline and then the cutterbar stops dead, you can't operate anything on the header up/down etc but the drum is still running normally. At the same time an...
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    NH T6 propshaft

    The uj in the propshaft has gone and wondered how the easiest way to remove it is. Dealer says front axle needs to come off but seems a lot of work has anyone removed it rearward before or any info of how to do it. Tia
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    Vaderstad rapid offset wheel kit

    Hi all has anyone converted a standard wheel packer on a rapid to a staggered wheel packer? Was wanting to do this to a 4 metre and what it might cost. Tia
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    Weed wiping blackgrass

    Hi all, thinking out loud, has anyone ever tried weed wiping blackgrass when it is stuck out above the wheat? Does the bg stick out above the crop high enough to not wipe too much wheat at the same time? Interested to hear if anyone has any experience. Thanks
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    Spray pressure problem

    Hi, been out spraying tonight and on the last couple of tramlines the pressure won't adjust either automatically or on manual. Sprayer is a chafer e series with teejet rate controller. Where should I start looking? Tia
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    Crop hail insurance

    Hi, I am about to insure my OSR for hail damage and was wondering if anyone bothered to insure their cereals as well? Iv never heard off locally of a crop of corn being damaged by storms. Tia
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    Determination deadline advice

    Hi I'm looking for advice on what to do and/or where I stand. I recently submitted full planning permission for two Agricultural buildings for general purpose use. The determination deadline for such was today and I have not received anything from the council. Where do I stand now? And what's my...
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    Trailed sprayer steering

    Hi, just got a new to me trailed sprayer, it has a 'potentiometer/steering angle sensor'? On the drawbar with two adjustable rods to attach to the rear of the tractor. Do these rods need to be fixed solid or do they need to have a little movement. Was wondering how others have attached these...
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    Foliar nutrition

    There appears to be a lot of talk about foliar nutrition at present. Having never applied such products before what are people's thoughts, is there a best timing e.g. T1 or to add a little with each sprayer pass rather than one big hit? Do people tissue test before to see what is required or...
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    Mchale fusion 2 user opinions

    Hi all, am going to look at a fusion 2 and wanted to know what too look out for on them. What do people think of them from user experience? Good and bad! Tia