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    Tub feeder blades

    Got an old Kuhn tub feeder here and the blades all all shot, they seam to be a bit of a mix match of different blades that have been grafted in over the years, could anyone tell me what type of blades I need and where is the best place to get them from, cheers
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    Jcb electrical plug

    Does anyone know what the plug that fits onto a solenoid like this is called or where I could get one? On a Jcb transmission and the old one has dropped to pieces after getting hot, cheers
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    Turbo nozzles

    Have seen on several pressure washer threads people praising there turbo nozzles, so I thought I’d best get one, where is the best place to get one from and which size do I need. It’s for a 9hp diesel wash with 3/8 hose, sorry there is no other info on the washer or pump. Cheers
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    Bale wrapper bobbin

    Someone on here was asking for one of these a few weeks ago, seen this at York auction, in this weeks sale
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    Twin spool wrapper

    Thinking of upgrading the wrapper as I’m getting to old to not be in bed early now! Only wrap about 800 a year so can’t justify a big spend, currently run an old 7515 Kverneland which has been faultless but slow with only one roll. What’s out there in the low price range and what’s best avoided...
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    Calf creep feeders

    Got 25 suckers with calves feb to may born, would like to try and just help them on a bit as some of the cows aren’t overly milky, I’ve never used a creep feeder, what should I be doing to achieve the best and avoid any pit falls ? calves are normally sold off the cow about November but I could...
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    Straw bales

    Got the chance of buying some straw in the swath and or bales in the field, depending on the weather.Just after a couple of ball park figures for winter wheat straw. It’s a very good crop so roughly how many 4ft round bales (roller) and 80/90 8ft should I expect per acre, just after a rough idea...
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    Shed steel work protection

    Have just finished giving the cow shed it’s first propped clean out in years and upon jet washing the place I’ve noticed that the legs are becoming very pitted around the bottom and some have flaking rust , parts of them are now probably only half their original thickness, (10x6) steels, im...
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    Land purchase negotiations

    I’ve been approached by a neighbour about buying some land off him, a bit out of the blue so not really had time to think much about it, I’m interested if the price is right, I’ve told him to come back next week and we will try and thrash out a deal. I know roughly where I see it’s value, and...
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    Telescopic gate

    I Need to make a gate for inside a livestock shed that will be about 16ft under normal used but will occasionally need to shorten down to about 10ft, has anyone done similar? Or got any photos. Also what size box sections will fit inside one another? Cheers
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    Portable milking machine

    I’m after something to milk out the odd suckler as and when required, hands and knees aren’t what they used to be! Will be used in the crush and there is electricity there, what do other people do/use? Does anyone have anything suitable? Don’t mind doing a bit of cobbling together if needs be...
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    Hydraulic control for hedge cutter

    Old hedge cutter is on cables that are past there best but hedger is very good, I’ve had an idea of changing it to hydraulic control like a digger as a mate has a scrap Jcb mini, there is a joystick with 6 pipes ( assume feed and return and 2 double acting services) and a valve block similar...
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    Grass reseed

    At home I reseed about 5-10acres a year, currently plough with 2 furrow conventional plough then work down with seed harrows, this is due to most fields being less than 5 acres and being undulating and triangular, it can be very time consuming and I’ll like to speed the job up to do more, I’m...
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    Deere 50 series heater valve

    In the last 6 months or so I’ve had 3 fail (different tractors) when closed or on cold they start to drip in the cab, fine when open for heat, are they a common problem or am I doing something wrong? Think with this warm weather looming it’s time to maybe keep one on stock, cheers
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    I have no experience of bvd, I’ve got 40 suckler cows and last year i had a few poor calves (unusual) and a few abortions, and 9 not in calf, it’s been suggested that this could indicate bvd. I’m interested in tag testing this years calves to give me an idea of if anything is going on. What...
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    Sealant and concrete

    Have just poured a concrete slab and want to install concrete panels onto it and seal them , how long does the concrete need to cure for before the sealant will work correctly? Cheers
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    Quicke loader

    Could anyone tell me the difference in dimensions between a 560 and a 650 Quicke loader, can’t seem to get anything of there website, cheers
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    Type 1 stone volume

    I’ve got to stone an area 50ft by 20ft with about 3 inch of type 1 limestone, how much do I roughly need to order to cover this area? Cheers
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    Loader joystick/valve block

    I’m after a complete joystick and valve block assembly to be used on a Deere 3050 and a Quicke 650 loader, new or used, it’s only on the backup tractor so need to keep the cost down. Has anyone got anything lying around or can recommend a new budget option, cheers
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    Loadall 525-58

    Does anyone have a fuse diagram for a 1990 525/58 loadall? Or a complete wiring diagram would be even better, cheers