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  1. unlacedgecko

    Tupping on Grazed Fodder Beet

    What's the collective wisdom?
  2. unlacedgecko

    Organic draft ewes and organic store lambs

    Will be looking for large quantities of both next autumn. Long term relationships preferably. Any contacts here or via pm much appreciated.
  3. unlacedgecko

    Labour costs

    Obviously a temp job leading up to Xmas, but this is what other industries are offering. How will livestock ag compete?
  4. unlacedgecko

    Co grazing tup lambs and wether lambs

    Any issue grazing a mixed mob of the above? Will the tup lambs f**k to death the smaller wethers?
  5. unlacedgecko

    Londoner not welcome in Cornwall

    Own up, which of you ran him off.
  6. unlacedgecko

    NZ Heading Dog

    Do they offer anything above a collie or a kelpie for a lowland sheep and beef farm?
  7. unlacedgecko

    US Ranchers build meat packing plant Any sign of UK farmers doing similar?
  8. unlacedgecko

    Once Bred Ewe Lambs

    Same principle as once bred heifers. Lamb in March, wean at 8 weeks end of May, kill end of June. Is this a thing? Anyone doing it?
  9. unlacedgecko

    Draft Shetlands

    Good in bag. As found in mouth. 350 available £35/each
  10. unlacedgecko

    Brazil Live Export To Vietnam Apparently after 30 days at sea their mortality rate was 0.2%. Even after the transport costs these cattle are still expected to be cheaper than Australian ones.
  11. unlacedgecko

    MV North Country Cheviots

    Toying with the idea of buying 6 2tooth Tups of above. Anyone point me at a breeder?
  12. unlacedgecko

    High End Australian Beef in UK Restaurants

  13. unlacedgecko

    Caistor Poaching

    Metallic dark green Subaru Forester with above reg last night driving fields and lamping. Tried to ram me when I interrupted them, then shone the lamp in my eyes and threw fireworks as I followed them. Police informed.
  14. unlacedgecko

    2x full mouth Exlana Tups

    Full mouth exlana Tups. £400 each
  15. unlacedgecko

    4 tooth Easycare Tups

    7x 4 tooth Easycare tups. All twin reared. Selected for hair type coat. Excellent shedders with very low fleece weights. Perfect to grade up an existing flock. £300 each
  16. unlacedgecko

    Easycare x Shetland 2 tooths/shearlings

    200 easycare x Shetland 2 tooth's for sale. Ran dry. Hard run on a 100% grazed forage system. Never been drenched. Tups were all twin reared and selected for hair type coat. Most of these 2 tooths are clean belly and breech. Sheared end of April, didn't get dysect till late July. Anything...
  17. unlacedgecko

    Sheep Wintering Lincolnshire

    Want to save money on topping cover crops? Improve soil organic matter? You need sheep on your arable farm this winter! PM or call me to discuss. I handle the fencing and shepherding. Paddock grazing with 2 day moves to protect soil I'm also looking for veg aftermaths and stubble turnips...
  18. unlacedgecko

    Forward Selling Ewes and Lambs 2022

    Doing some planning and business analysis. I've identified business strengths and want to play to them. To that end, I've the embryo of an idea, forward selling ewes with lambs at foot. Draft hill ewes with terminal lambs produced to a written contract detailing selling price, lambing date...
  19. unlacedgecko

    The ABP Chair in Sustainable Beef Production

    Congratulations to Prof Capper.
  20. unlacedgecko

    Growing cattle on forage rape

    Thinking about this for a summer cover crop. Any one with any experience?