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    Would you take it? (40ha of payed grazing)

    Some might already know or remember, people usually pay me to arrange grazing of their property. I currently graze/manage around 40 hectares under contract. All within 5 miles from our home farm, ten minutes by car. Grazing is done with sheep, cattle will have a role in the future. A client has...
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    Have taken on some pretty poor grazing (with the idea of improving it over time). To keep gut function normal and keep the ewes and lambs condition/growth improving, have thought about experimenting with some urea syrup (32% proteine syrup). How do you feed it to your animals? It's just meant to...
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    Shed/barn rental (how much £?)

    Hi guys, have lambed outside since 2015 because I have no barn or shed. Have been fine without it. Have sometimes looked into erecting a poly tunnel, might do so in the future, but would require permission from municipality. Have come across a barn (former pig barn) I can rent for 8-12 weeks...
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    Tractor electric fencing (quad alternative)

    I've searched the forum to find cheaper alternatives to use with rappa like electric fencing for sheep. Atm 125-150 ewes, which I rotationally graze on 50 hectares of old pp. Have switched from grazing with electric nets, to four strand and now three strand electric. I really need to find some...
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    importance of MV acr.?

    I am a parttime grazier. Contemplating about becoming MV free. Currently only my rams (terminal sires from studbook flocks) have an MV status, which they also lose by being used in my flock. I cull hard but have never tested for MV in my ewes. How important do you think it is to be (oficially...
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    What to do when time is the scarcest commodity? (1p sheep enterprise)

    At the moment I have a full time employment, apart from that I have a small pest controle (rats and rabbits) enterprise which I’ve been building and growing since 2013 and which does provide a parttime income at a imho modest €32,50 an hour. Which is also what I aim to achieve with my farming...