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    Hi, anyone with experience using PTOs would you mind taking a few mins to fill out a survey for a uni project? It's hugely appreciated!

    Done. I put a new shaft and guard on a mower this year, the first time out the securing chain tore the little plastic securing eye off of the guard, can this be repaired or should I get a new guard?
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    John Lewis/Waitrose new climate change appointments.

    This is quoted as a problem, producing food so humans can survive thrive and waste it. That being so, reduce food production, reduce one of the biggest problems? It would seem the root of the problem truthfully is that we are to numerate on the planet together with the way in which we live our...
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    Gates, security and travellers

    I thought I heard the home secretary had or was going to make it a criminal offence for travellers to set up camp on private or council owned land? I think it was said, that two caravans or more parked up would be in contravention of the act. It cannot come into force soon enough.
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    Open lies about dairy farming

    Are these U.S.A. gallons i.e. six U.K. pints or U.K. gallons, eight U.K. pints?
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    The Economist

    Well done for bringing this to our attention @Poncherello1976. Can we have a "sticky" thread I think it is called where we could source help to counter the anti-farming lobby? E.g. templates for letter writing to M.P.s C.E.Os etc that state simple truthful facts. The farming community are few...
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    New vehicle battery is two and a half years old.

    No, not that new @ACEngineering I just wanted a pair of decent batteries after some failures just out of warranty. I will speak with the vendor tomorrow, Angus.
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    New vehicle battery is two and a half years old.

    I have just checked two brand new 12 volt car batteries and the date appears to read 19/03; actually having just checked it states" Recharge date 19/03. Therefore they would be somewhat older. Is this acceptable, I do not think so. I have a Lidl battery charger which indicates the batterys...
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    Labour MP wants livestock farming phasing out in 20 years

    I dread the day they are found to be electable, one of their rank called for white men not to put up their hands during debates. If that is not racism against white people then what is it? Hopefully they have provided enough ammunition to the Tories to keep them out of office for some while, Angus.
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    The IH / Case Thread

    Ron Greet at Broadhempston in Devon, they should be able to help you out, Angus.
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    Are the General public completely oblivious to the dangers of large farm machinery?

    Yesterday driving along a quiet country road. My lane was clear, the other had cars parked outside of the houses, always the case . Cyclists approaching the parked cars, the convention is to wait for traffic to pass by on the clear lane and then the waiting vehicles may negotiate the obstacle...
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    Dodgy bastewards

    That sounds like a derilection of duty to me and quite unacceptable. No wonder the police are held in such low esteem by so many. I am sure their job is difficult, under resourced, under manned etc... but without the publics support i.e. eyes and ears how can they hope to achieve their...
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    School bullying

    Not much help @Terry75 but our son was bullied when younger at school. His ,"pastoral carer- Form teacher" was informed first. Please do not identify our son, keep it low key but explain the school bullying policy and say it will be enforced. That went well. How did school go? The form...
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    What was the careful management that allowed you to achieve that result? Thanks Angus.
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    Best spray for ragwort?

    Yes it could be. It was not the original plan. Ideally spraying would be the easiest and most sensible, but if it is too late to do now then topping or grazig and starting again would work, Angus.
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    Best spray for ragwort?

    Thanks glasshouse, I will have a look at that tomorrow,
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    Best spray for ragwort?

    That is what I think also. Is there any product effective for the taller ones? If not it is out with the ragwort fork.
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    Best spray for ragwort?

    I have just taken on a field that is quite weedy in places, particularly ragwort. Would anyone be able to recommend a herbicide that is effective against ragwort. Some plants are beginning to get taller, i. e. not at the rosette stage, thanks Angus.
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    Bloody hot air ballon

    Slightly off topic but where do you stand with " repeated offenders "overflying your place of work? These I believe are using paragliders- like a hang glider but with an engine. Are there any rules by which they should abide? It irks me and most of my neighbours. It is regular but thankfully...
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    You simply can't win...

    Thanks @Bald Rick, it looks a really good book, looking forward to putting it into practice this winter Angus.
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    Irresponsible to blame cows for climate change

    When are AHDB, NFU and ourselves etc going to start to tell this story. I will start when the family pub restaurant opens again to the public next week. Thank you @Treg for sharing this video, Angus.