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  1. Bomber101

    Combining flat winter linseed - any tips

    Any tips for picking up flat linseed? Class 770 and vario header. First time cutting linseed and not looking forward to it!
  2. Bomber101

    Pro 700 and prescription factors

    We normally use a Trimble FMX with RTK for drilling with vra seed maps. To allow for overlaps we use the prescription factor setting to reduce the rate slightly. Due to a problem with the drilling tractor (whilst being serviced at the dealers) we have been lent a Case Optum with an AFS Pro 700...
  3. Bomber101

    Muller joystick position in new Holland cab

    Does anyone have a good idea where to place the above joystick in a new Holland cab. Sidewinder and intelliview Iv please.
  4. Bomber101

    Farmworks and Teejet Aeros 9040

    Will the Teejet Aeros record "as applied" spray maps and will these files be able to be read by Farmworks? One person says yes and one says no. Is anyone actually doing it and does it work please?
  5. Bomber101

    Magnum wheel colour

    We have a 2012 Case Magnum and the wheel paint is peeling. I would like to repaint the rims and wondered what colour the rims are. I have spoken to my dealer who can supply Case Silver paint but have found paint from the dealers to be poorer quality and would rather a car refinish paint as it is...
  6. Bomber101

    Cattle Learage pricing

    What would be a fair rate to house, feed hay and haylage but no concentrate and provide bedding. I would check them daily. We are pricing putting up a new shed and handling system.
  7. Bomber101

    Magnum steering angle sensors

    We seem to have them fail at 1300 hours, on our second replacement. Anyone else have the same problem?
  8. Bomber101

    Applying for an EAMU for Centurion Max in Spring Beans

    Following on from a thread in the Centurion Max in Linseed, has anyone done, or doing, an EAMU for Centurion max in Spring beans for Blackgrass. It would be a useful active to have to target the damn weed in a break crop where there are very few actives that work. Looking at an American label...
  9. Bomber101

    PI for agronomist

    Where is the best place to get personal indemnity insurance for agronomists please?
  10. Bomber101

    Water sensitive paper

    Where do you get it from. I am doing my basis project and realised it all hinges on being able to get my hands on some paper!
  11. Bomber101

    Cutting beans with black bindweed

    Does anyone else have problems with cutting beans with bindweed growing in them. We sprayed roundup on them two weeks ago and it has had little effect. Bindweed still green and rotary separator on lexion 550 blocks up really quickly. Is a rotary combine any better of any brand. Surely I am not...
  12. Bomber101

    Amazone ZAM Ultra screen freezing

    We have the above spinner and when we hitch on and try to use it the screen freezes and we have to disconnect the power to clear. We seem to do this four or five times and it then works normally. Have tried cleaning cables and plugs but to no avail. We recently had a new weigh cell circuit board...
  13. Bomber101

    Fmx video out

    Is there a video out on the Trimble fmx. Wondering if I could use the Intelliview 4 as the viewing screen and the fmx as a camera setting. We would then be able to mount the fmx out of the way in the cab but still be able to see lines on Intelliview.
  14. Bomber101

    Over wintered Clomazone

    Has anyone else had problems with overwintered Clomazone. We used Clayton Chrome last year and it blocked the sprayer with fine gritty paticles of sludge. Picked up some Fiddle yesterday and the same issue, apparently overwintered in suppliers store again. Supplier is sorting it out but a pain...
  15. Bomber101

    Farm works

    I am looking at getting farm works mapping to create vra plans for seed, sprays and fertilizer. Is anyone using this program and how easy is it to use. Would be looking at importing courtyard soil zones in to the program and using these to define the vra maps. Does the iPhone app connect to the...
  16. Bomber101

    Which gps?

    I am looking at options for my first gps purchase. We have had some fields tested by Courtyard and have found some variability. I am now looking at buying the GPS system to give a signal to my sprayer and spinner. I have narrowed it down to the Trimble FMX or the NH Intelliview iv fitted into a...
  17. Bomber101

    Hardi 5500 and FMX

    Can I connect a Trimble FMX to a Hardi 5500 with just a serial cable and get section control? Looking at getting an FMX and wondered if the above is possible.
  18. Bomber101

    Hay tedders and ridge and furrows

    Can you run a 6m hay tedder in the "furrow" of a "ridge and furrow" field with the rotors working at an angle up the ridge on both sides? Can the frames and gears take the loading? Is there a manufacturer that is better than the others? It is all very good seeing videos of these machines working...
  19. Bomber101

    Spring barley after stubble turnips problems

    We have a good neighbour who grows stubble turnips for dairy cows over winter on a field destined for spring barley. He takes control after harvest, plants turnips, bales straw and brings in silage bales. We retake control after the cows leave in february. The problem we face is how deal with...
  20. Bomber101

    Vaderstad Rape brush

    Just had the "rape brush" appear in the drill venturi whilst drilling barley. What does it do? Do I need it for barley? Many thanks in advance!