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  1. Bruce Almighty

    Save Our Farms

    Apologies for stating the obvious. We are in a crazy situation where in my opinion, a campaign needs promoting to save/support farming in England. Re-Wilding is throwing money at those that need it least. Look at what's happened to @CopperBeech, a very good farmer who has been stitched up...
  2. Bruce Almighty

    I told you so !

    We hear all this hypocritical nonsense from Cop26 as the experts fly in and out of Glasgow. "Life at 50 degrees" on BBC2 earlier in the week showed crop failure in certain parts of the world, I really felt for the farmer in Iraq, his wheat & barley had dropped to half a tonne/acre & he was...
  3. Bruce Almighty

    AHDB survey

    I had the survey call this morning (01904732249) Yes AHDB do some very good work . . . But I let them know my views about Red Tractor funding from AHDB etc Reign in Red Tractor or lose the vote. Don't miss the chance to tell them what you think
  4. Bruce Almighty

    Weeds in Westerwolds

    We sowed 22 acres Westerwolds on 3rd April, we've never grown it before. After the rain in May it established well. It's almost ready for first cut, but there is a lot of redshank and knotgrass in the bottom of it and a few other weeds. I know I should've sprayed it but it's too late now Will...
  5. Bruce Almighty

    Manitou 741 PS

    We’ve got oily sludge in the Manitou radiator. It’s a 2015 model with a Deutz engine. We’ve drained it & are trying to flush it out. There’s no water in the engine oil so shouldn’t be head gasket ? Thanks in advance
  6. Bruce Almighty

    Line up for Classic Tractor

    Got the tractors out today
  7. Bruce Almighty

    Plate cooler diaphragm

    Last week we fitted a replacement plate cooler The water is fed from the volume washer pump to increase flow. Since the change we are constantly splitting diaphragms. The volume washer supply is via a 32mm pipe, which fits into a 1” fitting on the solenoid valve. The only difference from the...
  8. Bruce Almighty

    slurry storage

    We are thinking of switching from loose housing to cubicles. What size/capacity slurry lagoon or store would we need for 100 cows (in an NVZ) Thanks
  9. Bruce Almighty

    Fire basket

    We have recently switched from burning pallets to wood chip in our Dragon D20 We have a limited supply of wooden boxes to burn the chip in, but we would like to make a suitable stillage / basket that we can fill with chip to load the boiler easily, failing that perhaps something with a push off...
  10. Bruce Almighty

    Dear NFU

    Dear NFU Money’s tight & I have to cut costs. I now have a dilemma, I have to pay for my farm assurance & all the costs associated with it I can’t afford both that and your membership sub so one of them has to go. I’m now reluctantly resigning from NFU, but I feel you only have yourself to...
  11. Bruce Almighty

    feeding lactating ewes

    We've early lambed a few (80) Suffolk X this Christmas for the first time. (Mainly to Charollais) It's gone reasonably well but now the question is feeding the ewes to milk inside. Twins are having 1 kg ewe nuts (16%), hay & beet, singles are having 0.5 kg ewe nuts, hay & beet. Is this enough...
  12. Bruce Almighty

    Christmas lights on tractors

    Any recommendations please for lighting up tractors with Christmas lights for a surprise Christmas tractor parade through our village Nenagh parade in Ireland is outstanding. Would you use 12 lights off the tractor, 240v with an inverter or even battery powered lights especially on the wheels ?
  13. Bruce Almighty

    Hard standing etc

    What are the rules with regard to extending your farmyard into a field with hardcore ? I'm not talking to a massive extent We have a horsey neighbour who told me today that we shouldn't be extending our yard with out PP. Someone else told me you are allowed 10% a year. Our neighbour has 2 very...
  14. Bruce Almighty

    Best 12 volt electric fence energiser

    I need 2 energisers for 3 strand sheep electric fencing, areas of 30 - 40 acres. I understand I need at least a 1 metre earth stake knocked fully in the ground, also solar charging would be an advantage. All suggestions appreciated Thanks
  15. Bruce Almighty

    Christmas Tractor Parade

    Apparently they are popular in USA, I wondered if anyone had done one in this country. A friend in the village has planned a Christmas light switch on & I suggested we decorate some tractors & have Father Christmas in his sleigh on a trailer. She thinks it's a great idea All suggestions...
  16. Bruce Almighty

    Countryside productivity grant scheme

    We need a new plate cooler which is simple. R2-SG84 What is unclear is SG52 improving the efficiency of a heat exchanger, does this cover Ice builders etc & who can give me guidance ? Thanks in advance
  17. Bruce Almighty


    My AST tenants gave me notice on 30th September that they would be leaving in 2 months time - by text They own a flat which is let, but the tenant is leaving and they have decided to move into it. I am aware that they only have to give 1 months notice. I asked her to give it me in writing...
  18. Bruce Almighty

    Honda 250 Big Red

    I'm looking for some new wheel rims for the trike, the old ones are rotting Can anyone recommend any suppliers please ?
  19. Bruce Almighty

    Fodder beet storage

    We've grown some beet for the first time this year & lifted 4 rows on Monday So far so good, but at this time of year on our land it could soon get too wet to get near it with the harvester, so I would like to lift all of it If we do, what is the best storage method ? An old boy told me in a...
  20. Bruce Almighty

    Eat well for less

    Good programme on BBC1 with the message eat British meat