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  1. wdah/him

    What would be a good size shed for fixing tractors

    We have enough room to do a shed 80x20, but what I'm wondering is how much would be best suited to separate off solely for fixing. I mean taking only one tractor as a project as a time, chatting mxm 140 etc and possibly 135 but not long term projects. Would 20x20 or 20x30/40 be room to...
  2. wdah/him

    Handier way to fill top fill tanker.

    For the past couple of years i have been using an old top fill tanker to start spreading slurry in spring, it is 1300gallon with 28.1r26, floats. only reason i dont use it in summer is the pipe from the slurry mixer to the tanker is to hard for one man to put up. Tow farms are away from home...
  3. wdah/him

    Direct drill for grain and grass?

    Basically as title is there a drill that will sow bith grasseed and griwn that could be used to sow whole crop into older grass before a reseed. Other method I'm thinking is a short disc and sow but want to move less soil to disturb less weeds. On farm is electric spinner, grassed box power...
  4. wdah/him

    Any one use gri tires?

    As above have been offered GRI tires but know very little about then. Has anyone used them.
  5. wdah/him

    Good Safety Trainers

    Since there is a thread on work boots i thought i might start one on safety trainers. Most of the summer or dry times i prefer to were trainers but find it hard to get decent safety types. Have had dewalt but tractor driving seems to ruin them in about 3 months and that just driving in the...
  6. wdah/him

    Whats the thought of molasses for sheep this year

    Basically as above, a farmer i bale for always praised molasses for his sheep prelambing, he still fed meal but said he noticed that molasses helped, he had good silage to start with and texel cross ewes with very good shapes. I can get molasses at £218 a ton never used it before but this year...
  7. wdah/him

    Repairing rotten inner mudguards

    So basically our valmet needs work to the mudguard that is part of the cab but not structural. After the last wash you can not see the foam of the cab interior through it. Was orgional plan to cut and weld da wants to bolt patches on. I don't want it to be rough as we are probly going to get it...
  8. wdah/him

    mchale 5500 auto greaser

    as above the auto greaser isnt working on my 5500 machale anyone had this before or any ideas to sort it.
  9. wdah/him

    How to bend angle?

    looking to know any ways of bending angle around 14inch or so diameter 40 or 50mmx5 angle. hoops for cattle tailer being the idea. think it has to be roll bent if u get me but other might know more. have a form for bending 40x20 channel for repairs to a cattle trailer, but similar idea...
  10. wdah/him

    Repairs to sludge pump help

    How does this come apart. Does the shaft run right through to front box. Need to replace rope seal and flange in front but seems to be all sound on top of each other Any help would be good
  11. wdah/him

    how to transfer drawings to autocad for cnc cutting

    pretty much as above what software would be needed and where can u get it, thinking of dog etc for a gate. been a while from I used autocad and don't know a pile about it. any help appreciated
  12. wdah/him

    7740 oil leak

    I have an oil leak on the right hand side of the 7740 in behind the diesel tank it seems, I thought it was from around the area where the loom goes into the housing but it only leaks when the tractor is running, so surely not it, and when I replaced that loom I sealed the rubber in with...
  13. wdah/him

    van to replace a 2006 renault traffic.

    going to replace our traffic here and don't know what to go with again, have had electric trouble with all the vivaro-2 before this traffic, and gearbox issues, we have stopped trailering with the van and now do it all with the landrovers. what would u replace it with, thinking of another as u...
  14. wdah/him

    celiac, who and how effected

    ok so last week was in with dietiacan and got told that after various tests I am gluten intolerant. I'm not badly affected but it is hard to work around, don't have the worst symptons. So now trying to start a normal diet without gluten to see if it helps, it might take time to repair the...
  15. wdah/him

    fitting wider wheels to tanker

    ok so thinking of putting a set of 66 43 25 onto a 1300 gallon tanker we have here for close yard work, and possibly to stay in the field as a field tanker if we end up doing it and then buying a boom tanker. open to suggestions on other sizes but most want to know what wideth a noremal 2000...
  16. wdah/him

    Rear wheel weighs for r38

    Not worried what type. They are to fit a valmet mf or new holland. Open to any leads as to where to look just don't have time to go to auctions. TIA
  17. wdah/him

    how to set up a kv 337 mower

    have bought a 337 mower this year as a second mower. nice mower to work with but i think it isnt set up right, now never had one before we are krone fans here and definitly the 337 cant cut as clean as 283 krone, it doesnt cut as tight in a laying crop. i feel it is becasue i cant get the bed...
  18. wdah/him

    tracking down ebv without bull name

    we have a bull here from a predigree breeder but have not got his certificate, how do i go about looking for any ebv for him, will get his cert but just for future reference should i need to do it again. anyone know a simple way
  19. wdah/him

    van, trailer or jeep

    Getting a bit fed up with putting tolls into the boot or into the big van here and having to take them out again when finished. toyed about with buying a jeep to do the repair work and genral wark and keep car for good but two running costs would kill profit i would think to a degree. towing...
  20. wdah/him

    tarrup bio, yeah or neh

    not sure of year but thinking of a bio, have viewed it last year, 26000 bales done and been checked by dealer. thinking of combi the past while but size and weight are the main issue here as we work on steep ground. would like to free up the wrapper man for other work too. only about...