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  1. AT Aloss

    Fattening lambs off grass

    High sugar ryegrass mixes - speak to Helen Mathieu at Germinal for advice
  2. AT Aloss

    David Handleys piece today

    At any cost regardless of the environmental consequences....
  3. AT Aloss

    None so blind as those that won't see.

    It's a tax dodge for both IHT & capital gains. Savilism - (definition) when someone says look at this wonderful thing I'm doing so you don't look at the other really appalling things I'm doing
  4. AT Aloss

    Fully Autonomous Tractors

    I guess you have to drive it down the road?
  5. AT Aloss

    Best "inflation proof" farm investments?

    Other market commentators think this....
  6. AT Aloss

    None so blind as those that won't see.

    The burning of wood (or gas) to generate electricity, to power air & ground source heat pumps, versus using the calorific benefit of either to heat homes is a form of circular insanity only politicians could conjure up!
  7. AT Aloss

    None so blind as those that won't see.

    Who would have believed that something as simple as a tree could become a virtue totem
  8. AT Aloss

    Best "inflation proof" farm investments?

    Interest rates will go up in the USA as it has growth & largely reversed its COVID recession; Britain will try & follow suit because it needs to retain its share of inflows of foreign money to sustain the financial sector. But there's still no real GDP growth in Britain, only increasing prices...
  9. AT Aloss

    Naylor’s Cabbage Factory

    Westerners live in a Walt Disney world; if you have the Russians or Chinese on your doorstep like the Ukrainians or Taiwanese the last thing you're thinking about is the feelings of sentient beings...
  10. AT Aloss

    Naylor’s Cabbage Factory

    If anyone can do it, Naylor's can - very smart innovative business
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    CLAAS AXION - Transmission Issue

    Yes our Axion 840 did the same at 6500 hours. It's an unnecessarily expensive repair from a bad design fault in the earlier Axions which Claas don't help you out with - the sensor is on the outside of the bell housing in later Axions making it a simple & cheap repair
  12. AT Aloss

    Getting ewes smaller

    We used to run mules but felt we couldn't run as many to acre as Lleyns, so my late father decided to go to Lleyns in 2014. He bought useful sized ewes from Ruthin but they had an instinctive desire to return to the hill from which they were hefted from the first day they first came to...
  13. AT Aloss

    Are fungicides more harmful than insecticides

    Recently Azoxystrobin came under the spotlight for being harmful to bees, but it turned out to be the co formulant that was the problem....
  14. AT Aloss

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Soil particulate carbon or the OM everyone is measuring, can oxidise when left on the surface or through cultivation creating CO2. However the process of building this nutrient cycling growing medium combined with reducing acid fertilisers, fungicides, insecticides & herbicides (especially those...
  15. AT Aloss

    Banks requiring business details?

    Been there, still living the nightmare....
  16. AT Aloss

    Banks requiring business details? The irony of this is not lost on me...
  17. AT Aloss

    Scanning small flock

    See if there's any of the contractors near you on the NAAC shearing register that do scanning - some do...
  18. AT Aloss


    I was told a long time ago that the best bank is a grain store & the older I get the more I think they were right!
  19. AT Aloss


    The AMC's 50% valuation is usually based on one of their Agencies agent's valuations which is often the most helpful thing - local knowledge can make the difference with a proper valuation*. You may end up with less liquidity than you think by chasing the 65% LTV based on a discounted desktop...
  20. AT Aloss


    Interesting to hear, it sounds very much "horses for courses!"