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  1. RS1600BDA

    John Deere Engine

    I have a small John Deere we use for odd jobs. The engine has dropped a piston. Does anyone know any breakers they know. Its a Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel 3NTV88. John Deere 3320. Cheers.
  2. RS1600BDA


    Excuse me if this is a silly question; but this year our grazing land for horses is absolutely covered in buttercups. Do they stop grass growing? If I topped the unused paddocks would it help in any way? All thoughts and advice is appreciated.(y)
  3. RS1600BDA

    Another Interest

    I started metal detecting on my land and through friends have access to a fair bit of land for when I do get a chance to detect. I appreciate metal detectorists can be a pain, but I wondered if anyone had any fields near Chelmsford in Essex for me to try. All my land is grazing, I really wanted...
  4. RS1600BDA

    Lamborghini Tractor

    Looking for a reasonable Lamborghini Tractor, must have cab. Not sure why I want one just fancy one. Any condition considered. Winter project or up and running,
  5. RS1600BDA

    Trailer freshen up

    Gave my trailer a freshen up last year.
  6. RS1600BDA

    Bosch CAV Pump

    Hi Everyone, I have a IH 684 that has now stopped. Revs kept dropping, then occasionally over fuelled and Rev’ s increased. Rev’s dropped and now won’t start. Fuel from tank is ok. Undone feed line into the pump can’t get fuel to show. No fuel at injector lines. Could the pump just stop? Is...