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  1. gwi1890

    Isds Border collie pups

    To be registered isds border collie pups, will be ready in 4 weeks, and will be microchiped and vaccinated ,2 girls 3 dogs to choose from, mother and father are clear on the Isd health panel for IGS, TNS , SN and CEA, bred for power and balance , Youtube link to father and mother below...
  2. gwi1890

    Performance recorded Texel shearling Rams

    5 fit for purpose texel shearling rams for sale performance recorded grass based system , Anglesey North Wales
  3. gwi1890

    Charmoise tup for ewe lambs

    Been thinking of buying a charmoise tup For ewe lambs, what are the pros/cons of using them? I get they are slow growing and pull less on the ewe lamb but do they have a tendency to get fat at low weights? Ideally I want a scenario thats more than “getting a lamb through her” and have something...
  4. gwi1890

    Pedigree performance recorded Texel Ewe Lambs

    4 society registered Ewe lambs, reared on grass unpushed , performance recorded late feb early march born £140 each
  5. gwi1890

    ISDS registered Border Collie Pups

    2 males available well socialised used to children, can send videos of mother grandfather siblings and so on,Dam’s sister was top price at Bala 2017 sheepdog sale Celyn Queen, Father is a grandson to Paddy Fanning Jim, bred for stamina and power. £800 Clear for IGS TNS SN CEA
  6. gwi1890


    Bolused a group of ewes had some agrimin boluses left so used up the rest of them, and used a new batch of allguard mayo bolus, both cobalt selenium and iodine, took bloods from both groups before and after ( 6 weeks apart) selenium and cobalt are still on the low side in the group treated with...
  7. gwi1890

    Promoting Red Meat

    It seem very popular to bash meat production in general in this day and age with misinformed views and ideas, yet nobody seem to fight in favour of the producers conner bar a few farmers on social media, Why are HHC, Red tractor and other organisations not promoting meat on a weekly basis? Are...
  8. gwi1890

    Sheep EBV’s

    This has probably been covered before, And argued in plenty of other threads, But here we go again anyway, Im a big fan of the theory behind it but in terms of looking at animal I can make sense of it in my own flock the Big tup is in the top 50% of the breed with poor figures in terms of...
  9. gwi1890

    Grass Reared MV Acc Texel shearling

    10 texel shearlings for sale grass reared great shapes all capable of serving 100 + ewes Anglesey, from £450 up
  10. gwi1890

    Sprayed off grass

    Sprayed this field off , was ploughed 4 years ago but didn’t turn out how I hoped, going to direct drill with kale/rape hybrid in the next few days just thinking does it need topping ??my topper is out of action so can’t do it myself and want to get the job over and done with, not much grass...
  11. gwi1890

    Buying Cull Hill ewes

    Im sure this thread has been done 10 times over, but I have been offered a farm next door 90 acre lowland pp, (neighbour has been ill ) free from october to april, sourcing cull hill ewes at around £15-£20 and running them on grass only a good profitable idea? Would they need any feed? When is...
  12. gwi1890

    David brown 990 hydraulics!

    Bought a David brown 990 a few weeks ago , i did not have the selector spool lever (pictured below attached) but hydraulics were working none the less carried about 50 bales with it and then the hydraulics stopped lifting I ordered the spool selector and a hydraulic filter attached the spool...
  13. gwi1890

    Hereford x Dexter Steers

    I bought these steers the other day at market assuming the where hereford to be fair they are quite well grown (12months) I had a look at the passport only to notice that I knew the breeder, he keeps dexter cows and puts them to a Hereford bull, Paid £500 for the pair , any idea how much weight...
  14. gwi1890

    Will it need spraying?

    Interval and stubble turnips been on this field over winter, will be disked and reseeded when weather gets better, does it need round up like this?
  15. gwi1890

    Rearing Calves

    Hello all, Thinking if rearing calves from april onwards once shed is empty , Thinking of getting some bb, aa, lim x heifer calves (if I can get them at a reasonable price) and take then up 6months, how much roughly per head would they clear by selling at 6 months. Thanks
  16. gwi1890

    Opinions on crop

    Put stubble turnips down dd in to pp 3 weeks ago mixed with interval, thoughts on crop growth Im not that familiar with growing brassica
  17. gwi1890

    My Vet tells me Levafas Dimond does not treat Rumen Fluke?

    Did bloods and fec count on sheep last week showed low b12, and showed high level of rumen fluke vet , so I went off and bought Levafas Dimond which contains Oxyclozanide which I though is the indgredient that kills rumen fluke? Vet says it does not work and I need Zanil quoted £140 for 5ltrs .
  18. gwi1890

    My hill ewes are ou peforming my xbreds

    Being treating lambs with pour on recently and noticed my hill ewes rearing texel and lleyn lambs are heavier than the texel lambs out of texel mule ewes although on the same holding the welshies are runing much tighter and on poorer pasture lamed a week later than mules 20th march and have 30kg...
  19. gwi1890

    Spray it or not?

    DD rape into pp last winter was just wandering with so little on it is it worth spraying it or not? Plan is to disk it twice roll and reseed with long term.
  20. gwi1890

    Ewe leg swallen

    Hi everybody got back from work tonight noticed a lame ewe with a massive swollen leg injected her with pen strep checked to see if there was a broken needle in her leg or anything of sort nothing found, what do you guy think it is?