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  1. sean m

    jack russell pups

    as above 2 male pups 7 weeks old,advertising for a friend,brown/white short legged,docked microchipped wormed etc,proper working strain,smart pups,call 07872606069 Guy for more info,newmarket area
  2. sean m

    suffolk shooting

    looks like the pikeys have started shooting one another,just wondering if it would be worth clubbing together and sending some more shells
  3. sean m

    NZ lamb

    Lidl today,produced in uk according to label with NZ lamb,bl**dy Dunbia
  4. sean m

    Alligator mobile yard

    Alligator mobile yard, drafting race trailer,9x5"hurdles,4x5' sheeted hurdles,1x5' forcing gate,1x33" gate,1x33" spreader &2x support posts, fairly good condition,£3000, please ring for more information,07855330679,sean
  5. sean m

    kelpie dog

    2.5 yr kelpie dog for sale,good sensible farm dog,not a fantastic outrun but will gather a field,works with vehicle or quad and rides happily on either,good in pens and loading/un-loading trailer lorry etc,friendly dog and will work for anyone,£1800,please ring for more info,07855330679,sean
  6. sean m

    sheep on keep

    if i send sheep away on keep does the land owner have to be registered as a sheep keeper,or as they are remaining under my control as long as movement licence etc is correct will that suffice @[email protected]
  7. sean m

    electric fence barrow

    somebody on here has converted one to be driven by a quad,can anybody remember please who it was,there where pictures and everything,i'm only hours away from cutting the flippin thing up into bits,tia
  8. sean m

    sheep grazing

    grazing required for sheep 40 mile radius,ish of thrapston,northants,long or short term,tel,07855330679,many thanks,sean
  9. sean m

    pallisade security fencing

    looking for the above,2nd hand does'nt matter about condition because it's going again'st a hedge,looking for 200m plus,many thanks
  10. sean m

    Ifor canopy

    Ifor williams or gamic top for l200 pickup wanted please
  11. sean m

    exlana sired ewe lambs

  12. sean m

    exlana sired ewe lambs

    130 exlana sired ewe lambs out of easycare ewes,all outdoor lambing heavily culled on feet lambing assistance and general attitude,£85 07855330679
  13. sean m

    RPA inspection

    as above got one next week,sheep only,what are the usual problems for them,already told me they need to read 60 random tags and count every sheep on the farm,at least it's not hot :rolleyes:
  14. sean m

    off road tyres

    anybody use good mud pattern tyres on their pickup ? got ford ranger on 265/60/r18 tyres fitted at moment are b f goodrich all terrain,they fill up very quickly and are pretty rubbish can't seem to find anything better in that size,any ideas please
  15. sean m

    texel x theaves

    190 texel x theaves out of welsh halfbred ewes,have been run dry,£125,tel.07599289172
  16. sean m

    easycare ewe lambs

    started weaning,there will be 150 available all by exlana rams,£85,07855330679,these and the theaves will be going to worcester in september if not sold at home,if that helps anybody
  17. sean m

    easycare theaves

    125 easycare theaves for sale,not had lambs,£145 tel.07855330679,will also be ewe lambs for sale at weaning
  18. sean m

    sheep worrying on the news

    was that @CopperBeech on the news last night,came across very well but it was a shame they didnt show the damaged caused,the public need shocking,p s i suppose it could have been another [email protected] w love children,:D
  19. sean m

    7mth collie pups

    two collie dog pups,out of a very good work bitch by kevin evans kemi ross , i bred these with the intention of training both and keeping one,my personal circumstances have changed and i need to sell both,i havent put a price as they need to go,if you are looking for a young keen pup give me a...
  20. sean m

    collie pups

    2 dog pups for sale 9wks old out of very good working bitch,the sire is kevin evans dog kemi ross,i bred this litter for myself and am running on some pups as i think a lot of the bitch,they are wormed up to date and will be microchipped,not registered although i do have the bitches breeding...