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  1. JMM

    Vegan society eats itself Sorry its from the Daily Wail.
  2. JMM

    Case MX Thermostart pipe

    I'm getting a bit fed up with the quality of these damned things, original one did 15 years, since then they seem to do around 12 months. The latest one split this afternoon, spraying diesel all over the turbo and exhaust manifold, has anyone got a workaround or delete that they have used?
  3. JMM

    Opico Air8 drive cable

    drive cable on my Air8 rape seeder has just failed, any ideas where i could source a replacement or get one made up ? - Opico want £400 for a 3.5 metre one, which i thought was a bit steep for a 12mm twisted wire rope inside a hydraulic hose.
  4. JMM

    Case MX150 - 1st powershift gone

    Out topping today and I seem to have lost the first power shift step - no warning lights when 1st is selected in each gear and the old girl just freewheels. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. JMM


    Got a ewe that lambed 3 weeks ago with all of the classic symptoms of listeria - she is out on pasture that has been shut up since last October and hasn’t had any haylage for over a month as I ran out shortly before lambing started, have given a big dose of penicillin this morning as well as...
  6. JMM

    Part No. for metering unit drive motor on horsch sprinter 4

    As the title really, motor playing this afternoon and I cant find the parts book that came with the drill, could do with a part number to save the half hour wait on the phone whilst my local dealer parts person tries to find it on their computer, tried the horsch site but only operators manuals...
  7. JMM

    Best in cab bracket for iPad mini

    As above really, iPad mini 2 in griffin survivor case - I need to mount it securely in the cab, I've had a few close calls with it down the side of the seat! Have found a Ram mount kit on the internet but am struggling to find UK stockists.
  8. JMM

    EFA fallow - when can I spray the blackgrass?

    As above really, I would like to give the damned stuff a shot of glyphosate but keep getting conflicting advice on when I can spray it.
  9. JMM

    Horsch Solo coulters

    Could I please have quotes for 17 complete Solo coulters to fit a 4 metre Sprinter with the old style legs with bolts and nuts.
  10. JMM

    Pictures wot i took this summer

    As the title says really combining Fellow forum member @MX7 driving one of my red sheds Daytime Last Field, Second cart with Chunky at the wheel Finished Idiot dog making sure everything is running smoothly
  11. JMM


    Hello all, My name is James Mustoe, I am part of a family farming partnership based near Northleach in Gloucestershire, we currently farm 750 acres of arable as well as having a sheep enterprise. Our soil types range from very light Cotswold brash, with high silica limestone which believe it or...