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  1. Jameshenry

    Watson machinery

    Anyone have dealings with watson machinery in County durham ? Interested in a implement they have for sale, not a big amount of money and not worth going to view it as it's brand new anyway, just be nice to know they are good to deal with
  2. Jameshenry

    Solar system companies

    Can anyone recommend any companies to install a solar powered system for a domestic supply , had a ridiculous quote from western power to provide a new domestic supply, so i'm looking at solar options,
  3. Jameshenry

    Countryside productivity grant

    Anyone recieved any money back yet or even heard anything ?
  4. Jameshenry

    Kennel cough

    My 5 year old dog has it, vet reckons it should clear up without treatment, any advice ? (got him confined to his kennel for the time being, it's just not the same without him riding around on the quad with me)
  5. Jameshenry

    Problems with supplier of handling system

    Ordered a mobile sheep handling system from a company for countryside productivity grant, paid 50% on ordering back in early jan, still not recieved it yet as they are saying they can't get a plating test booked with vosa ! Time is running out and i'm at a loss as to what to do
  6. Jameshenry

    Concrete panels as a base for 5000 litre water tank

    Building a base for a water tank to sit on, tank is 1900mm diameter, i am laying 6" blocks on there flat to form a 6ft square base, my shed builder is confident a 6" concrete panel cut in half and layed on top will support the weight, thoughts 🤔
  7. Jameshenry

    Excavator bending ram

    Been operating a 6 ton bobcat excavator for a neighbour, he bought the machine a few months ago and i noticed when he first bought it the dipper ram was slightly bent and the wiper seal had come loose, so he had a new rod fitted by a well thought of hydraulic specialist, anyway i had done about...
  8. Jameshenry

    Rent for training gundogs

    Local gundog trainer interested in renting the use of my woods and pond for training dogs, how much is it worth per year ?
  9. Jameshenry

    Moldy haylage

    Usually make hay here for winter feeding sheep, but got caught out last summer and had to wrap it for haylage, was brought in with a soft hands grab and stacked up on end in a shed 3 high, seems to be too many bales with mold on them, what do you think the reason might be ?
  10. Jameshenry

    Rainwater tank

    New shed going up here and i'm wanting to collect the roof water, was thinking of a 10,000 litre tank, what is the right way to go about it ? concrete slab on the ground i know is the easiest way, but ideally want to raise it up a mtr or so to get a bit of head for pushing the water around to...
  11. Jameshenry

    Lambs sucking from behind

    Noticed quite a few lambs sucking from behind this year, more so in the Exlanas/Easycares , any thoughts on this?
  12. Jameshenry

    Double couple prices

    Anyone seen or sold any double couples lately, neighbour wants to buy some of my 6 tooth nc mules with 3 week old tex lambs at foot, not sure how to price them
  13. Jameshenry

    Going ahead with a new shed

    Plan was to put up a new shed here this spring / summer, planning has been passed, but i'm really doubting if i should be spending money on a shed right now, thoughts ?
  14. Jameshenry

    Concrete panel fitting

    Hopefully having a new shed put up soon, 15ft bays with 1.5mtr high panels all around, i like the idea of having lugs welded on the posts for panels to sit on, but my shed builder reckons to sit them on engineering blocks, thoughts ?
  15. Jameshenry

    Shed quotes

    Having a few quotes come in now for a shed, how much is it worth to have someone you know does a good job building a shed, over someone that you know is always pushed for time and tends to cut a lot of corners ?
  16. Jameshenry

    Best type of cladding for a hay shed

    Looking at putting up a hay/machinery shed early next year, fairly exposed location, just wondering what is the best type of cladding to put on the sides , will be fitted above 1500mm concrete panels,
  17. Jameshenry

    Loader tractor 90-100 hp

    Looking for a loader tractor to replace my old ford 4610 , few more hp needed and ideally left hand shuttle for loader work, nothing too complicated, any recommendations? budget 20k
  18. Jameshenry

    Trailer eye lock

    Anyone recommend a lock for trailer eyes (dump and bale trailers etc ) or does nobody bother with them ?
  19. Jameshenry

    Livestock box towing troubles

    I got an ifor Ta5 12ft here and i haven't done many trips with it , but i've experienced the wobbles a couple of times now, once with 24 lambs just on the bottom, and yesterday when empty, both times were on A roads at around 50 mph, anyone else experienced it with these trailers ? Trailer would...
  20. Jameshenry

    Claas volto rotor bearing

    Got a Claas volto 540h here, luckily got all my tedding done this year but on the last bit of tedding this morning one of the rotors has dropped down a little, the machine locked up and slip clutch activated, feels like a bearing has gone, just wondering if anyone has done one before and what's...