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    Cantilever cubicles problem

    We have a passage of cantilever cubicles backing onto a silage pit. Because of the way it's done there's too much lunge room and every year we get 1 or 2 of our sucklers jammed between the rails and the wall and its a fair job dismantling a length to let then out. I'm sure I read somewhere on...
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    Ford Ranger indicators

    Our 2014 Ford Ranger has got indicator issues. Yesterday it started flashing really fast on a left turn so I assumed a bulb blown. All three are working when you look outside though. Also, while I was checking them the right hand side bulbs (which seems normal on dashboard) are making a very...
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    Intruder in hen run

    So, a couple of nights back something tried to get into our hen coop It's only pallet wood so can't think it would have stopped a fox or a mink. Have had a few rats about but chewed up to 18 inches off the ground and I'm pretty sure I'm getting on top of them with poison as well. Just found...
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    Going to have a Swale of a time! (I hope)

    So, rightly or wrongly, I've bought (well on behalf of my boss) 195 Swale ewes to replace a portion of my NCC flock. Gathered up next to the loading banks at Kendal yesterday. Had a grand day down south, prices up about £20 on the year but managed to get some that I liked for for an average of...
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    "2nd Calver" not letting calf suckle

    Had a calf born yesterday to a 3 year old 2nd calver and she just won't let it suck. She didn't nurse a calf last year as it was born with a large umbilical hernia which we were unsuccessful at repairing. She seems to love this calf and it could suck her brisket all day but she won't let it...
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    Vintage Bruiser

    I suspect the answer is "what weight is it? Scrap value" but is there any other value in a vintage bruiser? Still in situ, but think it will be at least 40 years since it was used. Haven't got a make or photos but can get some if it "might" be worth anything.
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    Minerals and calving difficulties?

    Can a lack of any particular mineral be responsible for cows not opening up properly? I have had to assist both a heifer and a calved heifer in the last 24 hours despite not getting the calving jack dirty last year. Both calves had quite a bit of fluid in their lungs so don't think I was...
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    Small trailer wheel rims

    Hoping someone can help. I have quite a few old quad front tyres lying about that hold air but ran out of grip. Had an idea to stick them on my snacker to increase the height and stop catching so many stones with the drum. However, i'm struggling to find any wide enough. Needs a 12" rim with...
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    Why is Manchester different?

    Can anyone explain why there is so much debate about Manchester's tier status when the rest of the country has to accept the status/funding they are given? I'm not anti-Manchester in any way, and I don't totally agree with all the restrictions, but seems strange that one city's mayor seems to...
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    Maschio flail topper unbalanced

    We've got a Maschio Tigre 280 flail topper. Great machine, eats anything. Until yesterday. Managed to catch a long narrow rock end on that lifted the machine up and over it. Twisted one side of a flail hanger and started knocking. We got the hanger cut off and a homemade replacement welded on...
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    Getting an orphan lamb to eat pellets

    I don't normally have orphans for very long - don't have a huge scanning percentage and usually get any set onto other ewes. This year I had an early pure texel who's mum hadn't any milk. He's been on a Heatwave machine for the last seven weeks and is doing really well. All the advice I read on...
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    Resorbed lambs

    Has anyone that keeps better records than me have any experience of a ewe repeatedly resorbing one of a pair of twins? I bought an in-lamb Texel last year, scanned for twins but only had one (big tup out the side door). No idea if it was resorbed or an admin error. This year she was scanned...
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    Heat timing after sponges

    Using sponges and PMSG on half a dozen ewes here for the first time. Sponges out and jagged about 11am on Thursday. Two groups of 3 with a raddled tup each. First group were tupped approx lunchtime yesterday, 4pm yesterday and through the night. One of the other group was raddled mid-afternoon...
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    Brushless drill not working

    I've got a DeWalt 18v brushless drill that has started making a burning smell and slowing right down after 10 seconds use. Will go another 10 seconds if cool. Tried blowing vents out with compressor and spraying with WD40 neither of which made a big difference. Anything easy worth trying? Or...
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    Claas Volto 770 gearboxes

    Can anyone tell me what maintenance is required on the gearboxes on each rotor and/or what they should be filled with?
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    MF5470 beacon wiring

    Put this in Workshop Projects earlier but probably should be in here. Just got an MF 5470 loader tractor to replace a JD 6330. It's different but ok so far. Slight problem that I have is remembering to switch off the beacon as it's constant live. What's the easiest way to change it to ignition...
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    MF5470 beacon wiring

    Just got an MF 5470 loader tractor to replace a JD 6330. It's different but ok so far. Slight problem that I have is remembering to switch off the beacon as it's constant live. What's the easiest way to change it to ignition fed?
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    Atv helmets in hot weather

    I think I probably know the answer, but are there any helmets out there that don't cook your head in this heat? I use a logic ATV helmet all year round. Plenty of room under it for a fleece hat during the winter, and comfortable.enough without in the summer. When moving faster, it has plenty...
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    IW livestock trailer rear vents

    Does anyone know why the rearmost vents on newer IW livestock trailers can't be opened?
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    Lleyn x NCC

    Thinking of trying a Lleyn tup over some pure(ish) NCCs. Hoping to improve the maternal side of things without losing too much on the commercial side. Any opinions on pros or cons most welcome.