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  1. snarling bee

    DD Drill and SLUGS

    I had a demo of an Avatar drill in October. We drilled WW straight into straw removed wheat stubble and then continued onto cultivated ground. Compared to a tine drill and Vaderstad in the same field there is a huge amount more slug damage, both on the stubble and cultivated ground. Nothing was...
  2. snarling bee

    'Quality' seed

    Just had some 'Quality 'wheat seed delivered. The bags look about the size of barley seed bags and the 1000 grain weight is 40. I'm not sure what quality they are on about, but it isn't 'best' or 'top'. I had 5 t delivered, I asked the driver if he would take a tonne back as it was not required...
  3. snarling bee

    Naud Ploughs

    Is anybody else still using a Naud Plough? or your neighbour's/friends? Or am I the only one?
  4. snarling bee

    Steel frame building - concrete bases question

    We are having a 60 x 80 ft shed put up and the contractors have just put in the bases for the steel frame, see pictures. I questioned that the bases are all set the same level despite there being about 500mm difference in ground level, and some bases have been put in using soil or hardcore as...
  5. snarling bee

    Wet day mods to Lexion

    First picture shows standard Lexion lights, second picture a pair of new 90watt LEDs (without standard lights on) Added second camera screen to show grain tank as well as reversing view Removed the Claas mounting system for the GPS screen, which obscured the view of the end of the header...
  6. snarling bee

    Water softener

    Has anyone got any recommendations for a water softener for domestic use. Thanks
  7. snarling bee

    Pea Moth - anybody had a spray threshold yet?

    As title. Combinable large blues, just come into flower the last week, so would it be too late for pea moth?
  8. snarling bee

    Bearing race loose in housing - ideas pls.

    We are changing all the bearings and seals in a Kuhn 6m power harrow splitter gearbox. One bearing race in the gearbox housing can be turned by hand, otherwise it is not loose, the old one was split. I'm not sure the old trick of centre punching the race is good enough for this job. Is there a...
  9. snarling bee

    Kuhn folding power harrow splitter gearbox repair

    Has anybody else taken one apart and changed the bearings and seals. It looks fairly simple, but IME there is always something that tests the skills and equipment in a farm workshop with this sort of job. Any tips gratefully received. Edit: Please nobody say tidy the bench first. We did that...
  10. snarling bee

    BPS 2021 - Mid Tier options coding

    I have Nectar Flower Mix, Flower Rich Margins and Plots and Winter Bird Food. How do I code these options? ATM I have got WBF and NFM as a crop mixes 1 & 2, and FRM&P as temporary grass; would this be correct?
  11. snarling bee

    2.4 - 3m wide box drill wanted.

    As above. If anybody has an old box drill (ie gravity fed) they want to sell that I can use for a project I would be grateful. As long as the metering mechanism works, the rest is unimportant.
  12. snarling bee

    Genuine parts prices

    Can anybody beat this outrageous mark-up. Air seat compressor - genuine over £700, (when she said seven hundred I was too aghast to catch the rest of the price) - seat specialist £89. The only significant difference is there is no plug on the alternative model. Thats a 780% markup
  13. snarling bee

    Residential Letting Agent recommendation - Mid Suffolk

    Can anybody recommend a good letting agent in mid Suffolk please. (Bury/Stowmarket area) Asking for a friend, a landlord, who is having trouble with a big firm of agents and wants to change. Thanks pm if you like. PS I don't like the word 'Landlord', most are very ordinary people choosing to...
  14. snarling bee

    At last - a dry weather forecast.

    This could mean either of 2 things. 1) It will not rain again until August. 2) It will rain heavily next week and never give up until May.
  15. snarling bee

    Diesel pipe thread sealer

    We are re-plumbing a diesel bowser with bigger pump and bigger pipes etc. Has anybody got any recommendations for a thread sealant?
  16. snarling bee

    Replacement DD rings from Spaldings

    Has anybody used these? They are considerably cheaper than another source so just checking that the quality is okay. We are not on wearing ground so wear rate not a particular issue, just 'springiness' and durability.
  17. snarling bee

    30 Amp Metal 3 phase plug and sockets - anybody want them?

    Not quite obsolete. 1 socket and 4 plugs complete. 1 plug usable but not complete. PM me
  18. snarling bee

    Battery lead maker

    We have a 20 yr old Challenger that needs a new earth lead making up. Anybody know of any firms that will do such a thing, it is good thick cable with 2 battery connectors and I would prefer a proper job rather than what we could probably do in the workshop.
  19. snarling bee

    Agritape - not as good as it was 20 years ago.

    Agritape used to stick better that sh!t to a blanket. Could mend anything with it. Now I can only seem to buy 'duct tape' or some equally cr4p black stuff. Gorilla tape is about the best I have found recently. In Dad's day you could fix most things with baler twine and Agri tape, its not so easy...