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  1. tomlad

    Name of pin ?

    Presumably these clips can be sourced, any ideas what there called. 1/4 turn on a cam , lock pin thingy This on was welded on , but isn't long enough, i pressume the end snapped off.
  2. tomlad

    Ford 3000

    Hello What category would a ford 3000 be in , classic ? 🤔 . I own a 2 frw ts59 on yl s ... Haven't seen it yet and not a expert on the model i gather it could be a pre force or a ford force ?? I'll try to get it year presuming i go to view. Only a possible purchase atm but hopefully...
  3. tomlad

    Ford 3000

    Know of one forsale , i haven't seen it , apparently good order but offers in regions of 5k ? Is that strong money 💰 ??
  4. tomlad

    3" diaphragm pump

    I was helping install a diesel 3" diaphragm pump yesterday .... Does the filter pickup end need a flap valve? Foot valve is it called? The suction pipe was pulsing surprisingly villantly Village flooding .....
  5. tomlad

    Hook , pin spanner recommendations

    As above thinking about buying a c spanner hook , pin set ... Sealy one looks suitable Anyone words on wisdom.. A few pin nuts on my lathe i cant undo ...
  6. tomlad

    9" tdal flap , clow . Door

    As above hopefully new system to plumb to river so will need a door . Who supplies flaps ?? Obviously Google throwing up a few . Any practical experiences ... going to need a surround too. 9 " double rib plastic pipe. Tia
  7. tomlad

    New compressor manufacturer recommendations

    Think im going to bite the bullet and buy new 3phase Basically 200 ltr + 10 ph 30 + cfm Only want big hoping to run blast cabinet intermittently. Obviously normally shop use rest of time Sgs looking competitive anyone any recommendations .....
  8. tomlad

    Fence post top caps

    We've a outer fence , strainers are tely wag poles, tops cut flat ,some showing signs of rot in centre. Im thinking they want a cap to turn the water, options please 🤔 Presumably lead flashing any other options please??
  9. tomlad

    Shop compressor

    Hi. Been considering a bigger compressor, poss 3 ph Seen this locally , probably 1 mile away. I have shook on it so bit late asking I know. Looks basically same as this 300 ltr Tank, think motor was 14 amp ? Biggest...
  10. tomlad

    Leaf blower recommendations

    Couldn't see best section for question In the market for a backpack blower Leaf crap around fishery. Anyone dealt with the firm or indeed the hyundia ...
  11. tomlad

    Super dexta fuel tap

    Tap with primer bulb leaking, i remembered people had issues with repro ones , any recommendations?? I never really use the primer but don't really want to lose it ?
  12. tomlad

    Trailer nuts

    Watchin a mate other day , scratching my head . Low loader trailer, n/s wheel nuts , should be L / h or r/h . Home built trailer.
  13. tomlad

    3 phase upgrade, ongoing

    Been waiting well over a year for ####ing Scottish power to install a 3 phase meter. Currently on single phase. Other 2 100 a fuses are there, live ready, just need meter. Amey will b the installer, who are working, i have to go thru s power who i pay my bill too . What options do i have ...
  14. tomlad

    4 pronged socket ??

    Hi Two nylocks on my chipper Round nut opposite slots measure 50mm Socket will have 4 pegs , tried to fab something wich just bent. Don't really want to chisel it. Can imagine simular nut on a halfshaft . What is it called to try and source one ,? Honestly probably wont bother just wish i...
  15. tomlad

    large gate assistor wheel

    hi My main gates , 15ft galv , should have a wheel to share load , any recommendations... plz . I think the frame is 50mm box , ill check. I know fh brundel has something..... anyone used one Tia Really wish admin could sort this keyboard glitch its 'doin me ed in ' Not seen how to report...
  16. tomlad

    T v o fuel

    probably been answered but i cant find it sorry. Due to buy another drum of fuel tvo for fergie. Last one 10 year plus ago , forgot exactly what i bought, i think it was kerosene, i use it for parts washing then also . Add some petrol to it after ive put it in the fergie tank , ive a...
  17. tomlad

    removing arbor from Chuck

    bought 3 albrecht chucks yesterday, all on r8 , no good to me . Want to remove arbor and swap to probably mt3 I think the chuck is jt6. Only wedge I've seen is msc 30 odd quid , any other options other than screwdriver and big hammer. ??? Did a Jacobs 33 other day , drilled straight thru , 6...
  18. tomlad

    Low loader recommendations

    Asking for a mate Considering a new plant trailer to go behind his nh t7 200. Biggest machine to move 18 t ish Presumably tri axle sprung draw bar , he'd like hydraulic back , ramps. Recommendations please ..... herbst look smart ? Tia
  19. tomlad

    Stick plastic to metal

    One of the glove outers , don't know propper name is loose . Presumably was glued before ,whats left is like a red silicone, what should I re attach with , one of the so called sticks all silicones ?? Id usually try pu tiger but is that too good? Don't honestly know if i need to remove it...
  20. tomlad

    Mf 65 mk1 front weight frame

    As title, looking for a frame . Could anyone photo theres please, im unsure how it bolts on . Is one for a 165 close ?? Tia