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  1. Jack Russell

    Small drill hopper

    We have a CO 6 Horsch drill. I want to swap the hopper to a smaller unit as it’s only for OSR and we may also be able to mount a fert tank in that space as well. We will probably just fabricate a new tank but thought I would ask here in case some one has an old hopper that’s getting in the way...
  2. Jack Russell

    Bateman rb35 re furb

    We have a 6500hr 9yr old 32m rb35. It doesn’t do a lot of road work and is only on combinable cropping. It does liquid fert so booms are getting a little rusty. Bateman came out and looked at it to see what they would do to refurb it but we are struggling to get a result. Possibly misplaced...
  3. Jack Russell

    Disc mower for JD2140

    I have an old jd2140 2wd. I need to cut some rough grass and hopefully bale it. Ideally would like to mow and leave it in a row to bale. It’s on soft ground so nothing to big but ideally would like to run two mown widths into one and then round bale it. What sort of mower would be best? As you...
  4. Jack Russell

    LEAF MARQUE premiums

    There used to be a premium for OSR grown under the LEAF Marque protocols. Is there any still available?
  5. Jack Russell

    Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

    Just looking through the fund to see if anything fits with what we need. There is an option for a control panel for a continuous grain drier. As these come with specific criteria which we need to meet. The control system is easy enough but the awkward part is it needs to be accessed by a mobile...
  6. Jack Russell

    Steel bushes

    I need a few steel bushes for a machine. They are just over 16mm ID so that they can take an M16 bolt. OD needs to be 22mm/23mm. Width or depth is 15mm. Where would be best to get something like this?
  7. Jack Russell

    Grouse moor management

    If they were to ban burning the moor, could it be managed by flailing? Could that be seen as a sensible alternative? Cheers
  8. Jack Russell

    Vehicle polish

    I appreciate this smacks of too much time on our hands, etc, etc. We have a few tractors that will be parked up over winter and would like to try and keep the paint right in the long term. What would be a good product or set of products to tidy the paint up and either wax it or seal it?
  9. Jack Russell

    Vaderstad topdown vs Kuhn performer

    Has anyone swapped from one to the other? We had a demo of a performer a few years ago and understand they have made some improvements. We run a topdown currently and are happy with it but the price difference is enough to make us question which to go to next. We are on heavy land and the...
  10. Jack Russell

    Stocks twin slug pelleter mounting frame

    I have just bought a twin pelleter from stocks. They didn’t have a frame available for the back of a gator so am going to make one up. Has anyone done similar? Just need some ideas to make sure I’m not missing anything obvious.
  11. Jack Russell

    Improving the intake of our grainstore and automating the drier control

    We have a continuous drier that is 12tph, and elevators running at 40tph. The combine is doing 50tph and this will only increase in the future. At the moment we tip so much in the intake pit and fill the wet bins that feed the drier. The rest gets tipped up around the pit and fed in later. The...
  12. Jack Russell

    Horsch CO6 cable extension

    Morning I need to extend the cable from the drill to the controls in the cab. Has anyone done this and do they have any part numbers?
  13. Jack Russell

    Tipper body from an Iveco daily 35

    Tipper body from a 2015 Iveco. Swapped for a dropside as didn’t require a tipper. If interested please message.
  14. Jack Russell

    Best way to dispose of an old 360

    We have an old Ackerman 14t 360. It’s Just blown one of the main rams and is looking at being over a grand to fix. It really isn’t worth much. Electrics are shot. Quite a few leaks. So we are thinking of getting rid and just hiring in when we need a machine. Is it best just to dismantle it and...
  15. Jack Russell

    Steel grid for a wash bay

    Morning, Has anyone welded a frame/grid to go down on a wash bay over a settling pit? Can’t decide if I need 50 50 box or what’s best to make it from? Thanks
  16. Jack Russell

    Employing staff from abroad

    Evening, In what feels like a constant battle to find summer staff we have a couple of options to make the numbers up. One potential would be coming from France. Putting aside language issues, what do we need to do now to bring foreign staff in to the country to work? We also have a lad from...
  17. Jack Russell

    Situation Vacant Tractor driver required for cultivations and OSR sowing

    We are still looking for someone to carry out cultivations this summer. Driving JD 9RX. Accomadation available. Based in in East Yorkshire. July through September/October. Either message on here or call on 07912117057 Cheers Will
  18. Jack Russell

    Bateman RB35 refurb?

    We have an 8 year old Bateman RB35 that is around 7000hrs. It does spraying and liquid fert on 1000ha combinable. Booms are getting tired and maybe some pipe work is getting a little stiff and worn in places so was contemplating a refurb rather than a replacement. Try and get another 6000hr on...
  19. Jack Russell

    Farm vehicle?

    At the moment I run an amarok. It has done the job well and taken a lot of abuse. At some point soon I would like to-replace it, but not keen for another crew cab pickup. I need to get two kids in and sometimes ferry some staff about. I would like a commercial discovery but it only has two...
  20. Jack Russell

    HLS pollen and nectar mixes

    We have some small areas in wild bird mix and pollen and nectar mixes. The problem we have is that on heavy soils the small seeds struggle to establish and the grasses dominate. If we plough out the areas to establish another mix then we will end up with a cloddy dry mess with nothing growing...