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  1. T Hectares

    Haylage 101

    Morning, this part of the forum is not my usual habitat being an Arable farmer for the past 25 years !! I’m looking at the possibility of supplying haylage to a local buyer, I’m ok with growing costs and machinery costs but what I don’t have is a clue on yields and prices... This would...
  2. T Hectares

    Looking for a recommendation

    For a reliable, conscientious and knowledgeable company to maintain Biomass boilers in the South/Southeast
  3. T Hectares

    Ex Layer barns available to rent

    We have 4 ex layer barns available to rent at OX12 9NL West Berks/South Oxon border The site is currently being redeveloped from laying hens into alternative Agricultural use, we have 4 remaining approx 4,800ft2 buildings, these are available singly or as a whole and are suitable for a variety...
  4. T Hectares

    East Anglian maltsters

    Usually my Spring Malting barley would go for export through Southampton, this year I have some lower N barley than the usual 1.85% stuff and have two similar offers to go to Bairds Witham or Muntons Stowmarket Not being familiar with either of these homes does anyone with more experience of...
  5. T Hectares

    N from fresh air !!

    Has anybody any info or insight on this setup?? Seems too good to be true but as N is arable farmings biggest carbon footprint it would be great if it was !!
  6. T Hectares

    Be careful in this heat !!

    A big fire on Salisbury plain yesterday, one farmers baler caught fire, spread across and took out this parked up combine belonging to another farm and a neighbouring field of straw of a relative of mine. Thankfully only one minor injury but a timely reminder to everyone to be alert in this heat.
  7. T Hectares

    Eggs to Broilers

    I have a free range egg unit that's nearing the end of it's economic life, it houses 26000 hens in seven wooden buildings Would this type of unit be possible to convert to Free range or Organic broiler production or am I barking up the wrong tree?? What is the state of these industries?? I...
  8. T Hectares

    Bee Watch

    I was alarmed to receive this letter today, I wonder how many of you have also received it?? I found it alarming and containing non proven claims presented as fact and a clear sign of where anti direction will be focussed next I would like to send a reply, would any of you more learned members...
  9. T Hectares

    Carbon credits

    Does anybody on here have any experience of this scheme?? My main questions are what's it worth, how does it work?? And more importantly, like any Gov scheme, are you likely to get...
  10. T Hectares

    Situation Vacant Harvest Position

    I'm looking for a Harvest help to join our small team in West Berkshire Somebody 18yr+ with a clean driving licence and preferably a Telehandler certificate, somebody enthusiastic and who has good attention to detail and is willing to work to a high standard. We run modern machinery and a modern...
  11. T Hectares


    For those fortunate enough to have wheat established ( sorry to those who haven't!! ) What are you doing about BYDV?? I've not found any Aphids, I'm assuming they've drowned!! It's been really mild but we had -4 and 2 x-3 two weeks ago, I really don't want to spray... Thoughts please.
  12. T Hectares

    Office Manager

    Woolley Park Estate Office Manager Berkshire/Oxfordshire border. This is a busy and evolving role on a diverse family owned estate. The job covers many aspects including residential and commercial property, arable farming, renewable energy and leisure activities. It will appeal to you...
  13. T Hectares

    Replacing Mower...

    ...of the Lawn variety :D The Biggest machinery purchase of the year is imminent !! Currently have an Iseki Sxg 19, want to go from a 48" to something a bit bigger, 54" seems to be as big as the tractor with collector types go?? What's people's opinions of JD, Kubota?? Any other makes /...
  14. T Hectares

    Chicken muck

    Evening, I might need to shift 200 tonnes of Chicken ( layer ) muck from Iver, Bucks to Wantage, Oxon in April approx 50 miles Any ideas / prices ?? Tia
  15. T Hectares

    Horsch Sprinter issue

    I'm having an occasional issue where the screen freezes indicating it's working, but the metering stops... I use the same ISO screen for the sprayer which doesn't suffer the same issue, I have cleared out the pool files and checked connections etc, just wondered if anyone has come across the...
  16. T Hectares

    Claas parts

    One of the themes that occasionally pops up on here is that Claas combine parts are expensive. Does anyone have any examples or figures that back this up ?? I know from previous quotes that maxi-care was more expensive than the NH dealers own warranty for like for like cover, but I'm...
  17. T Hectares

    Re-Cleaning grain through a combine.

    I've heard of people doing this. Would anyone care to tell me how you get the grain back into the combine ?? Maybe an auger into the feeder house ??
  18. T Hectares

    Red / white diesel storage

    I think I know the answer to this one, but... I have a 5000 ltr tank that has stored red diesel which is now surplus, it would be handy for white diesel, I know the white will be tainted if I put it in, is it feasible to flush the tank through and use it for white ?? Or is it a no no !!
  19. T Hectares

    Phacelia in spring barley

    As the title suggests, I have small amount of Phacelia in some S barley after a cover crop. What's the best blw herbicides for this ?? Barley just starting to tiller .
  20. T Hectares

    Woodchip drying bins

    I'm currently drying around 5000m3 of chip a year through 2 x 28m3 Hooklift bins with drying floors attached to a L-enz unit. The bins really struggle to achieve a consistent chip moisture content as they tend to over dry the bottoms of the bins and the moisture recondenses in the top couple of...