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    Mustard cover crop advice

    Got a couple of fields which are lightish land and have just come out of growing lawn turf. I have sprayed them off and gone through with the Sumo to break the surface up to a depth of around 6 inch as was like concrete, and to prevent water pooling. I am planning on putting winter wheat in at...
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    Wright Rain g5 turbine bearings

    Got a wright rain g5 irrigator (mid 90s pictured below) and think the turbine bearings want renewing as sounds a little noisy.(presume there are bearings which can be replaced?) If you take the turbine front cover off how easy is it to renew bearings on turbine shaft, or do you risk wrecking...
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    Pulley removal help

    Hi, We've got a Trimax front flail on a john deere mower and want to renew the rotor bearings however can't seem to work out how to remove pulley off shaft. Think it is classed as a BILOC pulley system. Dual pulleys were held together with 3 bolts, we have removed them and there are 3 other...
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    Grain dryer gas - Cylinder suppliers?

    Struggling to find gas for our Opico 590 grain dryer. Not used it for a few years. In the past it has run with a bank of 6 gas cylinders. These are Calor 46kg propane liquid off take / Black top cylinders. Can't seem to find any other suppliers which do these apart from Calor. Lincoln main...
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    Red Tractor Irrigation requirement section help

    Currently updating my red tractor farm assurance records for Combinable crops / Sugar beet and not sure about the Irrigation section. Obviously an abstraction licence, calibrated meter, daily / weekly records is required which is ok. They also require a water sample to be tested by an...
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    Mcconnel axle brackets wanted

    Looking for a set of mcconnel hedgecutter axle brackets. Required to fit a tier 3 6480 with cab suspension. TIA
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    Pile dry pedestals and fan wanted

    Looking for 4 or 5 pedestals (lishman type) and a couple of fans to suit either single or 3 phase. Must be in good order. Thanks
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    Top link suitable for sumo trio etc

    Looking for a knuckle / closed ball end type top link suitable for a Massey 6495 / 6499. Cat 3 implement end. Have been looking on web but some only say suitable up to 180hp. Need to be able to get a replacement end if need be in future. Don't know if Massey do a genuine one, but would imagine...
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    Ammonium sulphate fertiliser

    Looking for quotes on an Artic load (28.2t in 600kg) of ammonium sulphate, something like 26n35so3, / 26n37so3. Suitable for 24m spread. Delivery west of Lincoln. Delivered Nov, pay Jan. Thanks.
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    Lemken plough depth wheel

    Looking for a depth wheel shank arm which winds up and down and has the hub on the bottom of it. Similar to depth wheel in picture, off a vari opal 141 plough, Anybody breaking one similar ? May take whole depth wheel assembly. Thanks. PM if want.
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    Sumo trio 3m

    Looking for a sumo trio 3m, preferably with a seeder suitable for o.s.r. Needs to be tidy and 2010 onwards. Lincs / Notts area. P.M if you have anything which might be of interest. Thanks
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    Low houred John Deere's up for auction

    One for you John Deere enthusiasts!! Arctic john deere 9400 year 2000 up for auction on 10th November with genuine 800 hrs on from new which is less than 50 hrs per year!! Also JD 6920s 2005 with 1748 hrs. Ive put link below and in Auctions thread...
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    10th Nov Spalford, Newark, Notts.

    Couple of low houred machines including John Deere 9400 artic year 2000 with less than 800 hrs, and JD 6920s year 2005 1748hrs. Range of other items, some been moth balled for quite a few years...
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    Jaguar e type 827 DXD stolen Dover area

    Stolen tonight around 9.15pm from Premier Inn Dover A20. Jaguar e type series 1 fixed head couple in dark opalescent blue. If seen ring 999. Police and Ports on look out. Reg no. 827 DXD
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    Beet factory campaign dates announced

    Had a letter this morning. Later starting dates to normal due to later maturing crop. Could be interesting for anybody growing beet on sticky land that wants to get a crop of wheat in after lifting! Newark 4th October Bury 4th October Wissington 6th October Cantley 11th October
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    Different kind of diversification!!

    Just seen this on Facebook. Dairy farmer diversifies by hosting a swingers festival! Anybody on here?
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    Trimble unlock codes

    Are unlock codes for trimble / new holland screens transferable to another screen if the original screen eventually fails, or would you have to purchase them again ? Omnistar / Rtk unlock etc If they are transferable is it just by first owner, or can they still be transfered if you didnt...
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    Trimble correction services

    Just on with renewing my Rtx range point service via Trimble store for £220 / year. While on the Web page I looked at what other countries are charged for the same signals. Compared to UK, countries such as France, Southern Ireland, Belgium, Sweden etc are charged ; Rtx range point 250...
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    Unbrako concrete panels - Poor Customer Service!!

    Looking for some concrete panels, and after people recommending this company on here and with being fairly local (Notts) thought we'd give them a go. Father contacted Unbrako about buying some prestressed concrete panels to put a dividing wall in a shed. Spoke to chap in morning who gave a rough...
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    Mcconnel hedge cutter axle brackets

    Looking for a pair of mcconnel quick attach axle brackets for a Massey 6480. Part number 2020119. Believe the same fit Massey 6180/90 and 6280/6290. Please pm