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    Muck storage

    I'm in a NVZ. I have no stock but take in muck from a number of the local horsey folks which I compost before spreading under our apple trees. I'm thinking of putting a concrete pad down with three bays to hold the muck whilst composting it. Are there any grants for this???
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    Anyone from MF or Agco on here???

    I'm trying to get in touch with someone from the customer team at MF or Agco to discuss something with. Local dealer has been great but can't solve this. I have filled out forms, rung contact number off interweb and called the 24/7 line - all to no avail. If someone from MF or Agco could get...
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    MF4255 Drive issue.

    4255 12*12 with splitter. Just restacking a muck heap and now wont go into gear when running. Gear goes in nice and smooth when not running. Only been working for 10 mins. Had exact same problem 12 months ago and ended up with new clutch - only done 100 hours since then and not heavy work. Is...
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    Muck spreader flails slurry plates

    I've got hod of a small, linkage mounted muck spreader. At the moment I'm putting horse muck through it that is so well rotted its like compost! In future I'll be putting rotted muck through it but not that well rotted. The flails on the spreader have got slurry plates on them and the compost/...
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    Spreading wood ash.

    Anyone got any experience of this? Neighbours just burned a load of bushes, trees, brash etc and there's a good 3 cube of ash. Worth spreading of too much hassle???
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    Making an entrance.

    Can anyone point me at the large pile of regulations and paperwork involved in putting a new field entrance in. It would be to replace an existing on which has a very knackered old brick bridge over a 3ft stream.
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    Zero standing charge tariff electricity

    As it says, anyone doing electric without the standing charge at the moment??
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    Towing land drive muck spreader.

    Anyone ever towed one of the old style rear discharge land drive muck spreader with a diesel series 3 landy...? Only need to do a few hectares with well rotted horse muck/ compost. Can't use a barrel spreader because its between rows of trees and don't want to get a PTO driven one because I'd...
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    Whose growing bio ethanol then....

    Not sure how old this news is but it means a doubling of the bio content of UK fuel and that's got to come from somewhere!
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    Stabilized soil for building tracks.

    Anyone use soil stabilization for establishing tracks? Most of time will be car and tractor with the occasional bulk truck at harvest. Anyone done this? What result? What costs??