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    R4 Costing The Earth - My Toxic Cocktail

    Radio 4 Earlier today - Pesticides being one the chemical sources discussed. Worth a listen.
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    Farm Security - Gate Locks ?

    We had a break in last night, thankfully only loosing some easily replaced tools, chainsaws etc. Our gates were locked with large security chain and padlock, which was easily cut with large bolt cutters. I'm acutely aware 'they' will be back, and whilst I doubt I'll be able to prevent another...
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    On Farm milling

    Curious to hear of anyone doing small scale milling on farm of wheat/barley/spelt. Currently looking at the investment required. We'd only be looking to sell to local businesses and consumers for home baking etc.
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    Magneto Refurbishment

    I am looking for someone to refurbish a two magnetos, one for an a Case DC 4 the other for an IH Super BM. Can anyone recommend anyone to do it?
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    10 Series Ford - Engine Speed Sensor/ Tachometer

    I am looking for the part number for the speed sensor / tachometer that is fitted to the end of the fuel injection pump. This is the electronic type /digital dash. Any Ford spotters have this info to hand?
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    Ford 7810 - Hydraulics

    I have an intermittent issue with our 7810. Can anyone share photos or scans of a workshop manual showing the hydraulic circuit? The problem is with the lift arms. They will function normally, and lift nicely and easily on tick over, or, they won't lift without increasing engine speed to 1500...
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    What is happening with these thistles? How can I encourage my other thistles to look similarly sick? Will be interesting to see if they survive or die off.
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    Bedford to Malvern

    I need to move a press from Bedford to Malvern. Dimensions to follow. Ideally a low loader with ramps, or hiab.
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    Doncaster to Malvern - Trailed discs

    I need to move a set of trailed discs from Doncaster to Malvern. Dimensions to follow. Ideally a low loader with ramps, or hiab.
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    10' - 12' Discs Wanted (Parmiter or simlar)

    I'm looking for a reasonable set of discs, ideally 10' to 12' in width. An old set of Parmiter discs would be ideal. Need to be in usable condition. Herefordshire/Worcestershire/Gloucestershire.
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    Spring planting herbal ley

    I want to establish approximately 25acres of herbal ley this year. Goals are to improve soil structure and fertility, and provide decent forage for sheep grazing. Plan to plough to get a fresh start, Glypho is not an option. After ploughing, plan to consolidate, and try to get a 3-4 weed...