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  1. pappuller

    Water supply

    We are aiming to upgrade our mains supply in the near future, currently have an old black 20mm supply coupled with a borehole which copes with demand at the moment. We are on a shared supply with a neighbour on moderate usage(turkeys ) We are planning on putting in 2 32mm supplies as our main is...
  2. pappuller


    as per the title, our swinging brushes are getting tired and I wondered if anyone has knowledge of just a vertical rotating brush that doesn't swing ? with using chalk we don't need a brush to reach the tailhead. ive seen the spinder vertical and horizontal fixed brushes but only want a vertical...
  3. pappuller

    Round and square bale handler

    Just wondering what people find to handle both round and square wrapped bales. Squeeze type or over the top type. Loading/unloading and stacking
  4. pappuller

    Kuhn,Pottinger,Sulky. Which powerharrow?

    Toying with upgrading our vintage Ferboli powerharrow, our 3 local dealers sell the 3 brands above, kuhn dearest,pottinger middle, sulky cheapest. All quick change tines and packer roller. Will be max 100 acres a year and a 3m machine. Opinions and experiences please.
  5. pappuller

    Dad's tractor

    My dad's David Brown 990 selectamatic from 1966 that we've had tidied up from a scraper tractor to a smart tractor for him. He's not aware and hopefully will be made up later in the week.
  6. pappuller

    Russell Dickenson livestock

    Had a couple of conversations with this gentleman over the last week about importing some I/c heifers. Seems a genuine chap. Has anyone on here dealt with him and if so were you happy with his services ? Tia
  7. pappuller

    Krone FC 320 Front mower issues

    We have a 12 month old fc 320 moco front mower and I have noticed this last day or so it is tending to flick grass out of the side whilst mowing shorter grass for zerograzing. It will do this randomly whilst mowing and leave a line of spread grass 2/3 metres from the swath. I had heard of an...
  8. pappuller

    J Brock & Sons

    Seen a piece of equipment for sale with this company, seem to have a very good reputation. Is this correct before I make a necessary journey down South ? Tia
  9. pappuller

    Which case/ih 55/56 tractor ?

    Always had a great admiration for the 80s/90s case/ih 55/56 series tractors, never owned one but wonder what people's thoughts are about one as an investment if any ? Even if it's just to hear that noise on a regular basis. See one or two about restored and not, what are people's opinions.
  10. pappuller

    Which Hedgetrimmer

    just weighing up the pros and cons of purchasing our own trimmer, needs to be relatively easy to attach and detach, all hedges smallish and square, currently takes approx. 100 hrs per year for our contractor to get round them. we will have a case puma 140 to put it on and our son will operate...
  11. pappuller

    Collection of a scrap dB 990 tractor from dt9 6lh and delivered to cw11 4su

    As described job in the next week or two
  12. pappuller

    Volume washer pump issues.

    We have a 140l/min volume washer pump with a 2.65kw motor on a pressure switch that supplies 2 header tanks and 4 water troughs around our robotic milking system. The pump is fed from a 5000l clean water tank which always has plenty of water in it. We are finding that the pressure switch on the...
  13. pappuller

    Dairy farms still selling ?

    Just flicking through the farmer's weekly and noticed a cracking dairy farm for sale in Cumbria, which seems to have been for sale for a few mnths and has been advertised a few years back. Is this a sign that people are reluctant to invest in a volatile industry or are there other issues...
  14. pappuller

    Fodder Beet

    Looking for approx 30tons/mnth of fodder beet through the season, delivered to Cw11. Thanks Andrew
  15. pappuller

    Fodder Beet

    Fodder Beet for winter run approx. 30 tons/mnth delivered to cw11 cheers andrew
  16. pappuller

    Rain forecast, to spread or not ?

    Chance of rain over the next week, no fert applied after 2nd cut so do we apply some n at the first drops of rain or hold off until a little moisture has fallen with the possibility of none after ?
  17. pappuller

    Pea straw and thrashed ryegrass hay

    Looking for pea straw and thrashed ryegrass hay delivered to Cw11 postcode please
  18. pappuller

    Fertilizer after 2nd cut

    2 nd cut taken this week, no rain forecast in the foreseeable future, so do I leave the fert in the bag until rain around ? lump 60 units on asap ? or sprinkle 25 units on now and keep an eye on the weather and pop another 35 units on in a fortnight if moisture appears. I ve never really been...
  19. pappuller

    How would you cope with another summer of 76 ?

    As per the title, we are all trying to produce more from what we have and haven't experienced many proper summers in the last 20 yrs. So if we have a real drought how would your business cope ? Do you have a plan to keep the milk flowing and conserve for nxt winter or are you planning on winging...
  20. pappuller

    2004 McCormick cx 105 xtrashift clutch

    As above our zero grazing tractor has become very quick on the clutch, is fine when working no slipping at all but is very sharp when you start off, can it be manually adjusted or does it need a kid with a laptop to set it up ?