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  1. Wigeon

    Jeremy Clarkson Sunday Times Magazine "Farming" 23/1/2022

    Slight tangent, but a local "animal farm" (the kind that sells you ducklings/Guinea pigs etc ) had a sign up one spring time saying: "goat kids for sale". Go on then, I asked. What do you want for a kid? 400 quid was the reply.... And the best bit: If you buy one today you cant pick it up...
  2. Wigeon

    Grabbing a rat by its tail

    There is honestly no feeling in farming better than really belting one with a hockey stick. Personal highlight was a fully grown one I clobbered as it ran past me once. It flew in a graceful arc across the grain store (ahem), through the grain cleaner without touching anything, and thudded...
  3. Wigeon

    Concerned about Red Tractor collapse.

    As an aside, my audit is usually first/second week in Jan. Livens up post christmas blues. Anyway, this year I've not heard a thing. Have they actually copped it? Anyone else in this boat?
  4. Wigeon

    The benefit of rolling

    And the gorgeous smell! A nice job really.
  5. Wigeon

    The benefit of rolling

    One of the harder decisions I reckon. Strong land with shut loads of stones does definitely benefit. I've probably regretted not rolling more than I have rolling. Depends on the consolidation of the drill though, and something of a catch 22 in wet conditons- use the tine drill because it the...
  6. Wigeon

    SP Sprayer windscreen

    I once did exactly this, trying to squeeze the mule past the sprayer. Thought I'd be clever and lean out of the right hand side to see whether I would make it, and this involved using left foot for the accelerator... Needless to say that stamping on what my brain told me was the brake ended up...
  7. Wigeon

    Black Friday/saturday deal of the month.

    Yes, that is definitely in Southampton...!
  8. Wigeon

    Machining coolant

    Many thanks!
  9. Wigeon

    Machining coolant

    Where do people get coolant fluid from for band saws, mag drills etc. I've had a second hand can of some milky stuff for ages that I dilute 50/1 with water, but it has finally run out.... Any help much appreciated!
  10. Wigeon

    More Winter Wheat or Spring Barley

    Having this dilemma on some failed wheat. Haven't got N, and am doubtful that wheat drilled now will come to much on the wet bits, so am going barley. That said I'm still mighty tempted to get the drill out!
  11. Wigeon

    14 tonne excavator hire rate?

    Here we pay 375 for first day, 350 thereafter. Operator and diesel included. 13 tonner
  12. Wigeon

    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    Putting a spot of manganese on some atchison direct drilled wheat today, after linseed. Quite pleased with it over all.
  13. Wigeon

    The Demo Thread

    Indeed, if we were actually planting something rather than doing a quick run to see if the machine could actually produce a clean strip. Hopper already on the tractor and a convenient front weight 👍. Possibly I should have provided a little more context to the orinigal post!
  14. Wigeon

    The Demo Thread

    Permanent grass/clover with annual wheat crops in same strips, grazed till stem extension then mown with fancy inter-row. Organic.
  15. Wigeon

    The Demo Thread

    Indeed, brownest bit was 2 passes. Only 100 yard test run as demo only just availilable.... Grass will survive on more than 50% of area, and hopefully be non existent on strips.
  16. Wigeon

    The Demo Thread

    Strips of wheat between grass.
  17. Wigeon

    The Demo Thread

    Kuhn striger strip till demo in some fairly extreme conditions. Did a good job, certainly the best of the ones we've seen.
  18. Wigeon

    Notifying the right authorities about AN fertiliser storage

    Wish I had some fert to notify people about!!
  19. Wigeon

    Wear parts cost/ha

    When we used to plough, in the days before tungsten, the old boys reckoned a set of points did 10 acres.... In modern times a set of non tungsten st bar points do c15 ha.
  20. Wigeon

    JCB Leccy Loadall (525-60E) on-test

    🤣 well I got it at least!