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    Protech p18+

    Was wondering what these are like. I've a 2.8 ton volvo and thinking I might manage to run one of these postknockers on it. Any one got one? I see there are different weight options and rock spike available. Ta
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    Pumping water to fields

    I have a spring that currently feeds into a water tank, which in turn feeds another tank 100m away. I want to extend this by another 400m but will need to pump it about 5-8m higher than tank at the spring. My plan was to replace the tank at the spring with a 1000l or bigger then I'd like to fit...
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    Ban on car ownership..
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    Covid bubble about to burst? (Financial)

    Inflation, housing bubble, stockmarket bubble, debt levels off the charts. Dare I say its being going on for a few years but seems they got a bit carried away with the free money. Tighten rates to stop it everyone goes bust. Leave it to run everything goes up in price and everyone is screaming...
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    Part time 360 driver jobs?

    Not really ag, but wondering if someone was to go do their cpcs and I think also cscs tickets would there be any firms looking for drivers for days here and there? Or maybe a week here and there? I have done 1000s of hours in my own tractors and in diggers but mostly 6ton or under but I've no...
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    Machinery prices going forward

    Whats going to happen to prices next year? Continue to rise or will supply finally catch up with demand,? Will the second hand market go back to semi normality? Or has money just lost value and they will stay high Thoughts?
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    Living in a wood

    What happens to all these houses out in the countryside or on the edge of villages which have commanding views over the fields beyond when the farm at the end of their garden is bought by some corporation to offset carbon?. Instead of the lovely view, in 20years time they have a wall off trees...
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    Gross trailer weights

    I have a fairly old kane low loader which has no plate but has what I'm told is two 8 ton axles(8stud). I don't know what it weighs but if it weighs 4 ton I thought this meant I could put 12ton on it. A mate has a 2 year old kane low loader. Similar but obviously much newer. It has 2 very...
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    Biggest sham in history? 2 cruise ships arriving in Glasgow to accommodate some of the 25000 delegates, experts and campaigners who will fly in from all over the world. Thousands of tons of fossile fuel getting burnt so that they can tell us how to live our...
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    How will the public respond to higher and higher food prices..

    ...while British farms are being bought as fast as possible by investment bankers to plant trees. When God knows how many thousands of acres of crops are going in to biomass boilers. I'm no expert on world grain markets but seems thats extreme weather is affecting supply along with soaring...
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    Passing the the buck for climate change

    Caught a glimpse of sky news climate show tonight. They were on about how oil companies were suing governments around the world for canceled contracts etc. The presenter then said be more like the oil companies paying out since they were the ones that caused the climate crisis!! You would...
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    Stopping red fading

    Have what is supposed to be a red l200 2013. Didnt want a red car again after having one years ago but the price was right. Anyway last week was the second time I spent a whole day t cutting it to get rid of all the oxidised paint. I only had a bottle of the original turtle wax so I applied...
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    Anyone place a value on this machine?

    Bought a Foster gg1700 x scrubcutter last December new for £6160 +vat. Only done 2 or 3 days work so hardly done anything. Still over a years warranty on it. Didnt suit my needs so looking to move it on. Have someone wanting me to tell them what I want for it. Anyone give me a price?. I...
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    Keep farming and contracting business seperate?

    I have been self employed for a long time and have a small contracting business, which is just your usual farm contracting work, 360 machine work and bits of fencing etc. I own tractors, digger, implements, pick up etc. I'm vat registered. Dad has 350 sheep and a few cows which I'm slowly...
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    So what can we expect and when?

    Now that the climate scientists have proved beyond any doubt the farmers are responsible for destroying the planet and spoiling the good time everyone was having. And now that the media have made sure everyone has been made fully aware of this outrage. And now that our leaders have seen the...
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    Fencing contracting

    What like a job is this? Does it pay better than agri contracting? Have had a thread before but am looking to get away from agri contracting and into something else. Up until recently the plan was an 8 ton digger but that is increasingly looking like another area where too many people are...
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    Cars overtaking while waiting to turn right

    Why do continually overtake tractors indicating right and waiting to turn off. Today with a 200hp tractor and 3000 gallon tank on the back had to stop and wait for 5 cars to overtake me before I could turn right into field. Next run I was stopped waiting for on coming traffic to clear so I...
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    Scotland to "lead the way" ?
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    Terrible time to buy or not?

    Was hoping to have invested in another 360 machine later in the year. Originally planned a decent second hand machine, but the prices from dealers at the moment seem pretty steep. In fact I see 3yr old machines with 2k hours not that much less than they cost new! Its made me wonder if its...
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    Digger ram creeping

    When changing the bucket on my volvo ec25 today. I noticed the dipper/arm was moving on its own towards being perpendicular. I thought the seals on the ram must be going although I'd never seen it creep before. Anyway I was playing about with it from the cab and discovered that if it pull the...