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  1. I thats it

    replacement needs going forward

    What are peoples thoughts on heifer replacement availability going forward? we've used a lot of dairy semen including sexed, and with good cull prices we've improved the herd quite dramatically this last couple of years. Wondering if we should start using a lot more beef semen with beef calf...
  2. I thats it

    Weghing dairy heifers

    I'm currently trying to lower my age at first calving but old habits die hard. Dies anyone else use a weigh band? I'm sure as I get used to it I'll be able to do it from eye. Served 2 today that the weigh band had at 360kg and 400. They feel small to me but hope they'll be fine. Just wondered...
  3. I thats it

    Fallen stock removal prices

    Just wondered if costs vary around the country? round here 18 months since was over £100 for an adult cow but this last year te local companies have been trying to under cut each other and we were down in the mid £40s. Then this week one was in the yard quoting £30 and he'd take any calves while...
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    cows showing strong long heats

    Generally I find most cows show good heats, and are acting on regularly for 8hrs plus. Usually I serve them the following milking. Yesterday there was 3 bulling in the morning so I served them last night. 2 of them are still standing this morning. What would others do? Serve them again?
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    Shear Grab for Skid Steer

    We've a 5foot skid steer and I'm after a new sheer grab, the dealer tells me not to go for a hardox tine one as the Skid Steer won't be able to push the tines into the face. I fancy a 5foot shear grab with hardox tines but worry it'll be to heavy with a full grab. Any one got one for their skid...
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    medicine recording app

    I presume there is one out there that is useful? Are there ones available that somehow link to bcms for tag numbers and if you ut in the medicine used it automatically works out the withdrawl periods. There's got to be an easier way. anyones experience would be great.
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    Is coughing a symptom of IBR?

    As above, a fair bit of snot about, cows coughing and 1 or 2 dropping of milk.
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    Dairy cow trade

    Has anyone any first hand experience of recent dairy trade? Looks like auctions are opening next week. The Willenhall online dispersal averaged over 1,500 I think. Would that be OK all things considered?
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    Block calves running bulls

    Any block calves using bulls exclusively? And if so how many cows per bull? Any advice, I was thinking get a vet check of the bulls in reasonable time?
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    Store cattle prices

    How are people finding store cattle prices? Our local mart had its big autumn sale this week and we found prices were better than expected
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    Fertility targets

    What do people think are the best targets for monitoring fertility in an ayr calving herd. I really lost focus when our milk price was terrible for 2years and the wheels came off the fertility. Don't want that to happen again and feel the jobs going well currently. Just wondered what was the...
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    Royal Welsh

    What's the weather been like this last week in Royal Welsh parts? Wellies or flip-flops needed? We're heading down for Monday
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    from AYR to Autumn Block

    I'm very seriously considering going from AYR calving to an autumn block, has anyone on here done this without selling off a large portion and buying back autumn calvers, any advice?
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    what to do, new calved with a sore tit end

    I've a new calved heifer with a small sore on one teat end. It's getting worse each milking to get the quarter milked out. What can be done? The lad that works with me tells me his dad says dry that one quarter off and hope it calves in ok next time. Is that possible to dry just one quarter off...
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    Enlighten me on the First Milk Nestle contract

    Just been reading the farmers guardian what's this deal with Nestle/First Milk and restoring walls/planting woodland. How does that work any one heard of it before or is it brand new