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  1. GeorgeK

    1989 JD 4055 - What's it worth?

    Anyone hazard a guess at what I should be asking for a 1989 JD 4055? 6000 hours. French import on a Q plate. Starts, runs and pulls beautifully. No smoke, barely leaks, very few drips on the floor even after standing several months. Mechanically first class. All electrics and lights working...
  2. GeorgeK

    Ryegrass seed scandal

    An article in FW this week I could scarcely believe. A grower of Italian ryegrass for seed documenting his major issues with herbicide resistant ryegrass in the following cereal crops. Says it's getting worse than blackgrass due to to its ability to germinate any time of year, being more...
  3. GeorgeK

    Climate report backs UK produce

    Some potential support for us so worth reading? This report calls for stopping all food imports not transported by train, sourcing food locally and reducing food processing. It does push for a 50% reduction in beef and lamb consumption, however if imports are massively reduced as the report...
  4. GeorgeK

    I'm an idiot. Have a good laugh

    Just in case anyone needs cheering up... I present the sum total of my day's achievements! So... The digger conked out in the field, not 200m from the yard. Thought I'd pull it onto the low loader and ferry it back to put in the 'to do' pile. You can probably guess the rest. I almost got away...
  5. GeorgeK

    6320 oil lost through radiator

    Our 04 John Deere 6320 was running fine, no overheating or smoke, oil and water both clean. Within the space of a minute it pushed all it's engine oil into the radiator and out the coolant overflow. Stopped engine soon as light came on so shouldn't be any damage. Checked dipstick and no oil on...