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    Brexit a massive geopolitical misstep

    Leaving the big 3 to decide the direction of the EU is a very big mistake for the UK's international interests. It was one of the main reasons for joining in the first place.
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    Covid & Brexit deadline Moratorium?

    Should the EU & UK agree to leave all the rules as they are for 3 months or so, just to make sure there is no added problems this darkest of "Covid" winters?
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    Honest answers, Brexiteers only, what price do you consider too high to leave the EU?

    A reduction in GDP and inward investment resulting in the average UK resident being poorer? A rise in poverty resulting in UNICEF feeding UK children? An explosion in UK government debt? Scotland leaving? A border down the Irish sea Where is your line in the sand, when Brexit is doing too much...
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    MF Dyna6 hydraulic/transmission oil level

    I bought a MF 6718S, picked it up today, it's transmission oil was not registering on the dipstick. I rang the dealer, a new MF dealer, they came out and after letting down the loader and lift the oil level was exactly on Min. They say MF recommend they are run as close to minimum as possible...
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    UK politicians anti business rants.

    Who are pro business centre right voters supposed to vote for in the UK now? Labour taken over by 1960's Trotskyites, SNP, Sinn Fein and the Plaid Cyrmu all sing from some of the same hymn sheets and Tory ministers, ex ministers and party members telling business owners and bosses to "f##k off"?
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    MF weak drop arms

    Anyone come up with a solution to the weak spot where the drop arm is cranked? Can they be replaced with a straight one? I just don't trust them with heavy implements. TIA.
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    Bateman induction hopper

    I have changed from a Knight EUA trailed sprayer to a Bateman RB35. The pressure on the induction hopper is 1 bar under the rest of the system, is this normal or can it be changed? I am used to Knight where the induction hopper pressure was always a bit higher than the rest of the system. The...
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    MF 6490 fault/error codes

    My Tier3 MF 6490 is throwing up T2.54 and T2.56 error codes, any ideas? Is there anywhere I could get a list of the codes? TIA
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    Front suspension 4cyl Deutz

    The front suspension on 4cyl 61x0.4s are giving issues, the best Deutz are willing to do is convert it to the 6cyl version, which they claim will cause damage to the front mudguards. Has anyone done this and was it a success? Or has anyone come up with a proper solution for this bad design flaw?
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    Pollinator project EMG

    I'm not sure if this was talked about on the forum, but a great advert for the growers and a lovely project to have on farm. I'm thinking of doing something similar, on a much smaller scale, here on my farm and would love to know more about what ye did. With EFAs and buffer zones along river...
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    Massey Ferguson 6490 T3 error codes

    Anyone know what the following error code is for. T1 23. TIA.
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    Deutz 6160 C Shift

    After the first month and 100hrs here is my impressions of the 6160.4 C. Shift V the basic M420 it replaced. Forget the reliability, I have said enough about that before on here, except to say the new has only been back for it's 1st service and the only thing that needed doing was the clutch...
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    Heva ring roller giving poor service

    We bought a new Heva ring roller, which replaced a Heva ring roller that gave great service. The new ring roller has had to have all it's bearings replaced and even if it is left out over night the chrome on the rams will show rust because it is paper thin. I was very impressed by the last Heva...
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    New Deutz 6210 C Shift

    Has anyone seen the specs for the new 6210 C Shift. Looks like a good alternative to a 7620 whenever I change. I can't find any information on it
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    Deutz M420 troubles

    My M420 (16 months old) has been giving trouble since the day I bought it, for the first year I have been fobbed off by my dealer are even more so by the rep for SDF (who does a great line in "it's not our tractor it's your equipment that is at fault"). I was disappointed by my dealer's reaction...
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    Fodder Kale going to seed

    Is there any issue with feeding kale that is starting to flower to sheep?