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  1. Andy Warriner

    6 furrow Dowdeswel Dp1 help

    Will I be able to pull a old 6 furrow DP1 behind a standard wheeled tractor (NH T7 210) on land without slipping into the furrow all the time. I believe the DP1’s were made for tracked tractors?
  2. Andy Warriner

    Gregoire Besson ploughs, any good? Good and bad points?

    Hi folks, we runKV’ plough, thinking of swapping and I’ve just spotted a decent Gregoire Besson HRPWB7. Just wondering what experiences you folks have had with a Gregoire Besson? Good and bad point over KV?
  3. Andy Warriner

    Anyone Pushed a Sumo Trio?

    Just wondering hypothetically, has anyone ever front mounted a Sumo Trio and pushed it? I’m not considering it or anything just wondering, if it’s been done, you’d obviously have to make use of the rear links too. Lol! Think I’ve got cab fever haha!
  4. Andy Warriner

    Sumo Trio, wide or narrow wings?

    Hello all, what’s your opinions in the differences between wide and narrow wings for the Sumo Trio? What’s the difference in how it works with different wings? Obviously I know one is wider than the other haha!
  5. Andy Warriner

    Help, Used John Deer 9780 cts any good?

    On my search for replacement combine harvester, I’ve come across a 2010 John Deer 9780 . Been a NH man all my life, what’s the John Deer combine like?
  6. Andy Warriner

    Most reliable, New Holland or Claas?

    I’ve always run a New Holland, last one we had was a TX66, It was ok but complete pig electrically and it’s now burnt it out haha! We’re fairly good at maintenance but I guess all combine breeds poo them selves every now and then. So what’s you folks think New Holland or Claas or even Deer...
  7. Andy Warriner

    Drying floor cost m2

    Roughly how much is a drying shed floor per m2? Concrete already laid.