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    I pay you £250. Shooting permission

    In Milton, bagnall road.. wheres abouts are you situated at? If there is anything i can help you out with or discuss please email me, and can swap phone number. [email protected] Best regards, Peter.
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    I pay you £250. Shooting permission

    Im willing to negotiate on the £250.00 i can pay to you, i can go up to £500.00 every 6 months but not more than that.
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    I pay you £250. Shooting permission

    I currently have land to shoot over, ive been controling pests for over 3 years but the farm is now for sale and land owner thanked me for my services but theyre no longer required after august. I pay this land owner £250.00 every 6 months and also help out with any repair work(welding) as a...
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    Vermin control, I WILL PAY YOU. permissions required.

    Stoke on trent, leek, bagnall, areas in Staffordshire. I will pay up to £500 per year for the right to control vermin on your land, happy to help out around the farm/lands/estate, welder/fabricator by trade, landscape gardening as a thank you. Thank you for taking to time to read this thread...