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    +1 love a good binge from time to time. Definitely worth the sub. Good range of farms.
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    Heptavac P

    Not sure if this is a stupid question....we've always used Heptavac P, but if we wanted to swifch the ewes onto for example Bravoxin, can the Bravoxin be simply offered as a booster to the original Hep P programme or do you have to start a brand new programme with 2 doses of Bravoxin?
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    Dispatches - Red Tractor

    Do you not vaporise all the nitrogen if it is burnt?
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    Dispatches - Red Tractor

    Have there been any proposals to build anaerobic digesters which are fed purely on chicken litter? We have 1 very large one in Northern Ireland and I think there are 2 farm scale digesters which have converted to litter only. The large one has planning proposals to increase its capacity...
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    Land predicted to be below average flood level by 2030

    Going by the map, 80% of our farm will be under water by 2030. Do they factor in coastal walls?
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    Silo Tyre Shooter

    No, you're right in fairness. Just a few details on the spacings of the ears on the chain and size of the hydraulic motor etc would save a bit of trial and error if we did decide to make one.
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    Silo Tyre Shooter

    We normally use a telehandler and forks to lift tyre sidewalls over the wall which is grand but the Merlo resides at another yard most of the time and it's a slow round trip to go and get it. We've a Volvo loading shovel in the yard we clamp the silage but it doesn't have the reach to get over...
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    Silo Tyre Shooter Does anyone in the UK manufacture tyre shooters for dispensing tyres onto silage clamps (as per link above) ? Or indeed has anyone made their own and would be willing to share their design? After a long night covering our maize last night it got...
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    Slurry bugs in slatted shed

    Might depend on the feedstock going into the AD plant. Our digestate would be prone to crusting but is 90% forage based.
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    Sluury Testing Kit

    Do you mean a home testing kit or sample analysis kit from the labs? If the latter we use Albion Laboratories mainly. £48/sample. NRM lab is £37 I think, but I much prefer the format of the Albion report and there is a consultant there who is very good on soil and nutrient management if you...
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    Who is of to lanark tomorrow.

    The commercial trade was reasonable enough I thought, but in the absence of any real buying power from the Irish I think lambs in the lower end of the 'breeders market' didn't make as much as they normally would. Was definately a quiet enough atmosphere and the auctioneers seemed to have to...
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    (Northern) Irish farm words

    Was just about to say! 😂.
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    Late sown fodder/cover crop

    Second part of my question would be what is the the best establishment method post wholecrop? Normally disc harrow/broadcast/roll after the combine but obviously the traffic from wholecrop is a lot more intense (although the fields are in good order otherwise) . We're a bit light on cultivation...
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    Late sown fodder/cover crop

    The excellent growing conditions in our part of the world (NW Northern Ireland) have meant we've a block( 43 acres) of spring wholecrop oats harvested today (2 weeks earlier than normal). Its light land, but below sea so when the water table comes up there's normally no chance of getting a...
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    The report is funded by all of the main farming industry groups so I think there will be a big push back against Claire Bailey's PMB using this report as the evidence. Outrageous that Claire Bailey was on the radio this morning saying the report is only regurgitating the UK Committee for...
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    How did the sale go?
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    Anyone hear Archie Norman Marks and Spencers on R4 this morning ?

    Can't disagree with that. The DUP are a bunch of self righteous muppet. Teresa May's proposal was a good proposition for NI, but I appreciate didn't suit the demands of those who wanted a harder Brexit. There were always going to be winners and losers out of the process, but unfortunately I...
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    Anyone hear Archie Norman Marks and Spencers on R4 this morning ?

    With respect, that's easy for you to say. The NI Protocol was a sticky plaster to 'get Brexit done.' NI is now left with all sorts of complications for many industries trying to do business with GB, even though we're part of the same country. Used to take a few days for us to get machinery...
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    Forage crop ideas for late sowing

    What distance can the seed be broadcast?
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    FYM or digestate solids?

    Have you a link to the system you use to acidify the digestate?