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  1. gwspark

    New Holland Turbo

    I'm wondering has anyone on here got experience adding a turbo to a new Holland 60 series or similar. I have an 8260 which is a straight 6 cylinder and I'm thinking of fitting a turbo. I'm not fitting it looking to create a massive hp difference or anything, just to leave the tractor slightly...
  2. gwspark

    Matbro TR200

    Morning folks, I'm currently looking to buy a Matbro TR200. I've came across one local to me. 97 with 5000hrs. Tidy enough machine. Comes with a bucket and forks. What do you think it's worth?
  3. gwspark

    New Holland 60 series

    Looking for some advice on a New Holland 60 series. The back end seems to get quite hot on road work, once it does the steering seems to get quite heavy and the gear changes deteriorate. Any ideas welcome.
  4. gwspark

    New Holland clunky gear change

    Hi folks, Have a range command 60 series, seems to be very clunky in the odd numbered gears, 3 and 5. Been calibrated a few times but seems to make no difference. Any input appreciated [emoji1303]