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  1. Bruce Almighty

    What will be Tractor of the future?

    A few years ago "The future's bright, the future's Orange"
  2. Bruce Almighty

    Never had it so good!

    Plenty of snow in the 80s, particularly 81/82 but most winters in the 80s had a fair dollop of snow. December 1990 is the most disruptive I can remember. The weight of snow snapped poles off & no electric for a week. Milking with a PTO shaft on the vacuum pump was ok but we couldn't cool the...
  3. Bruce Almighty

    What will be Tractor of the future?

    I've been told that hydrogen fuel cells are the future ?
  4. Bruce Almighty

    Biomass Suppliers List and Woodsure

    Yes registered for both Use both own straw and bought in, have to provide them with field OS nos and areas it was grown on, how far it has travelled & approx how much diesel used baling & loading it. SFR will do it for you for a fee, so I let them do it, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Dragon D20
  5. Bruce Almighty

    Biomass Suppliers List and Woodsure

    We also burn straw as well as logs. For straw you need to be on the Sustainable Fuel Register, again it's something you have to pay for and a bit more paperwork, but it ticks the RHI boxes.
  6. Bruce Almighty


    That's what I was thinking, I didn't think Lucerne was suitable for heavy ground?
  7. Bruce Almighty

    Son's Dissertation Survey

    Yes, with respect, my specific question is why isn't he on here doing this himself instead of you asking the question for him. Chuck them in at the deep end if you want them to learn.
  8. Bruce Almighty

    A bit of begging but not for me

    Is that an example of an oxymoron ? 😂
  9. Bruce Almighty

    Great article in The Times

    The clueless tossers just think we can export the problem and import the food. Short memories & no brains.
  10. Bruce Almighty

    Save Our Farms

    Apologies for stating the obvious. We are in a crazy situation where in my opinion, a campaign needs promoting to save/support farming in England. Re-Wilding is throwing money at those that need it least. Look at what's happened to @CopperBeech, a very good farmer who has been stitched up...
  11. Bruce Almighty

    Great article in The Times

    @CopperBeech I am very sorry to learn of your situation. Have you thought about contacting Countryfile? I know it's a crap programme but this week I've had an email from a group I am in, asking about the effect of ELMS etc & how to contact them with regard to the changes. It's obviously...
  12. Bruce Almighty

    David Handleys piece today

    Perhaps your last sentence sums it up ? Incidentally, why did you emigrate & what do you do in NZ?
  13. Bruce Almighty

    David Handleys piece today

    Would the National Parks be so appealing to the general public if re-wilding took place? The scenery would certainly be different and I'm sure that's one of the reasons tourists go there. Hill farmers may be dependent on subsidy but they are creating a landscape as well as producing food. Surely...
  14. Bruce Almighty

    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    I thought SFI was for 3 years ? What if your landlord will only give you a one year rolling agreement ?
  15. Bruce Almighty

    Can farmers relax or is it just me?

    Apart from routine milking feeding etc, we also lamb 100 ewes at Christmas. There's nothing like lambs running around to stop the Winter blues! They started on the 12th, about 30 lambed up to 20th, then they stopped until today when 14 lambed. (It's frustratingly slow compared with our 600 at...
  16. Bruce Almighty

    Feeding the people of the UK

    Especially some NHS staff 😉
  17. Bruce Almighty

    Did you enjoy your Red Tractor Christmas dinner?

    Turkey from Lidl, (frozen crown) it was fine & cost about £12 Rib of beef was home grown, 30 month Sim X steer, zero food miles, I shot him myself on the farm & a mate butchered him for us.
  18. Bruce Almighty

    Did you enjoy your Red Tractor Christmas dinner?

    I wonder if dim Jim or madam President has watched a Christmas Carol. Christmas Past, Present & (no) Future for Red Tractor
  19. Bruce Almighty

    Concerned about Red Tractor collapse.

    I can't understand why Madam President keeps banging on about this? She appears to be obsessed with Farm Assurance. The majority of us know it's at least 75% bull poo.
  20. Bruce Almighty

    Elms & the Livestock Farmer

    I agree but they have maintained a constant supply of cheap food to the nation. It could be interesting this time next year with a likely reduction in fertiliser use all over the world