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    Knocking a pipe under a road

    Pray there or no big boulders under the road 😀 Have you someone local with a thrust borer. Can not beat having the right tool for the job
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    I`ve learnt to fly a Microlight

    Looks like the weather beat them before they got the levels right. They did some on the west of the A1 last summer & did a cracking job. Good take of grass seeds on it now
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    I`ve learnt to fly a Microlight

    Edit Just reread you question, That would be the top soil from the opencast on the Blagdon estate that has just been restored This is 1/2 mile further east This what you saw ? Big art work...
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    Water filtration system ideas

    Ok, that explains why your man is talking about a tank and will include pump and pressure switch.
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    Water filtration system ideas

    As mentioned above the system I have is rated at 20 cu m day (Though we only ever use 19 max ;) ) If you only have 1 house / 2 people then you will be using maybe 1 cu m day. So a much more modest system. Does your borehole pump provide the system pressure. ? Sounds like your man with the...
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    New mid tier agreement?

    Phone RPA. They will confirm your claim is on their system and may give info on when it may be paid
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    Water filtration system ideas

    In my pic above the black units on the top of the cylinders need power. They back flush the cylinders every 24 hours which keeps them maintainace free. Or have done for 6 years so far . there will probably be options for smaller volumes ?
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    Water filtration system ideas

    Iron & Manganese are the usual problems with borehole water. Probably also recommend UV filter to kill any nasties Dales Water at Ripon will be familier with the problem & solutions. They do work in your area Ours is sized at 20 cu m day Think the filtration cost was about £3000 6 years ago...
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    How can I stop our cows wasting silage?

    @Tim G any chance you could create a bunker, chop the grass, problem solved & you don`t have to buy all that wrap, which looks like it could be subject to a tax in the near future.
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    New mid tier agreement?

    Had an email 2 weeks ago saying approval for latest scheme would not be early Jan, but did not specify when Scheme approved last year, fencing & hedging claims were paid in about 6 weeks last winter, Had one last December money in the bank in 3 weeks. Payment for bird areas & buffer area next...
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    1 year grazing ley instead of fallow

    You are doing him a favour. providing a break crop which will enhance his next crop. He should pay you :D
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    concrete floor for house extension

    There is a lot of over designing goes on ( called covering my arse ) Had a signle story sun room built last year. Spec was to go down 800 mm / 1000 mm round the outside. lay 200mm reinforced raft in bottom of hole. build up from there. Took 15 tonne stone to fill up the void, insulation then...
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    There are some decent politicions

    Like you I`m not happy with his performance. Reason for bringing it up was I dispair when the deputy labour leader refers to the gov as "Tory Scum " on a public platform. Corbonyt MP from just south of here said when elected, " I will not associate with Tories at Westminster, they are the...
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    Mid Tier Capital Claims

    Helpful bloke at RPA told me they only need "after " photos with the claim. You should have before pics available incase of query or inspection I find easiest way to present pics is to insert them on to a word doc . When complete save as PDF. That creates a smaller file to email. Did a claim...
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    Considering Variable speed milk pump and wanted!

    As said above, milk through a plate cooler using borehole water is the nearest you get to free cooling
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    New Farming Investment Fund launched today

    Previous schemes, everyone has had notification on the same day
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    DIY AI and buying semen

    Well there`s a good reason not to use it :D
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    There are some decent politicions

    Noticed this in our local paper. Shows it`s not all about shouting abuse at your opposite number
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    New phone and broadband providers

    FTTP broadband BT Think there is the option to change provider after the initial 2 years VOIP phones Boxx Mobiles EE - cos that`s the best signal here
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    DIY AI and buying semen

    What is the thinking using Norwegian Red ? Went for a look 20 years ago, havn`t used any since ;)