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  1. Farmer mk1

    New Holland combine

    Evening everyone, I’m looking at getting a new Holland combine for our 200 acre wheat and rape harvest and have about 300 acre of wheat to get for a neighbour who wants us to do it if we buy one. I’ve been looking at tx66 or so combines but to get a low hour one they seem to be about 35k or so...
  2. Farmer mk1

    Old tennant won’t leave

    Good evening folks. I have a problem on a tenancy we have just taken on and I don’t know how to go about getting the outcome needed. I’m hoping that someone will have some bullet proof answer which I can use to get me where we need to be. The problem is that we took a farm on at the start of...
  3. Farmer mk1

    Cultivator disc Machine

    Evening Does anyone know Of a cultivator which has spring tines on the front and then a row of discs with a press roller on the back for depth etc. Not after one with subsoiler legs on the front etc as we are on stoney land so need the spring tines on the front. Has anyone built their own...
  4. Farmer mk1

    Paper waste and sewage sludge

    Hi, Does anyone use the paper waste for field nutrients. We have some land and there isn’t any body to the land, it ploughs like dust and just levels it’s self easy so want to put something back in to get some body in the land and can get paper locally and sewage sludge locally aswell so...
  5. Farmer mk1

    Kuhn venta

    Hi, has anyone gone from hydraulic fan to pulley drive. We are on steep ground so wondering wether the hydraulic fan is going to use a lot of power from the tractor being spool driven. Anyone opinion on if hydraulic fan takes more driving compared to the belt off the gearbox? Anyone gone back...
  6. Farmer mk1

    Combination drill

    Evening folks. Looking at upgrading our drill as ours is good enough for the job any more so looking to upgrade. Would like the heavy duty power Harrow under it but unsure which drill to get. Looking at a Kuhn 3004 or Amazone kg series as had maschio and they all seem to leak from the rotors...
  7. Farmer mk1

    Amazone packer roller

    Good evening folks, Looking at a kg Amazone power Harrow, it has the rubber wheel packer roller which is new to us so not sure about it. We are used to maxi-packer roller and in wet conditions we get on well but the rubber wheels are they as good in sticky conditions? Also do they perish and...
  8. Farmer mk1

    Manitou 526 hot hydraulics

    Hello, we have a 52 plate 526 manitou and been good as gold but just stopped and noticed steam smoke coming from hydraulic valve block, and also the hydraulic oil tank is red hot. Any cause for this to happen? Will the pump be stuck on full chat as the manitou has only gone a few mile down the...
  9. Farmer mk1

    Mf 6485 wiring

    Hello, Have a 6485 and got various wiring problems for the lights. The head lights, and right indicator works but everything else doesn’t. The left indicators come on dim but on the dash the other side is registering that it’s working and it blows the fuse straight away. The side lights front...
  10. Farmer mk1

    Combine for 250 acre

    Hello, After some advice on combines as it’s all new to us. We grow about 250 acre between wheat barley and beans or rape and want a combine to do this job. Would like to spend little as possible around 25k ish to 30k on something to do the job. Lesser electrics the better and would like to be...
  11. Farmer mk1

    Amazone sprayer spares

    Hi folks, Where do you get your sprayer parts from? Just wondering if anyone uses any where from the internet to order the parts in to save running about to the dealers etc. I need a new nozzle body for our Amazone UF and would get a few other bits for the nozzles while I’m at it. Thanks Mark
  12. Farmer mk1

    Alternator fault

    Anyone had an alternator in the last 18 months and the unit fail? Our NH has had a genuine alternator on for 500hrs and the bearing behind the pulley has gone and the dealer says it’s out of warranty by 2 month and won’t exchange it. I know it is out of warranty but 500hrs work shouldn’t be...
  13. Farmer mk1

    Amazone UF1501 issue

    Evening everyone, We have a UF1501 and when you have it in auto or manual and you start spraying the pressure goes up to 7/8 bar straight away, and even when you stop at the end or are parked up in auto it is still spraying at high pressure. Anyone had this before with the Amazone? We have had...
  14. Farmer mk1

    Kverneland I drill pro

    Has anyone had one before or had a kv power Harrow. This one is rated to 180 but our tractors are 200. Do you think it will be ok or will it ruin the Harrow. The drill combi is 2010 on isobus. It’s been a farmers machine and the drill looks good on photos, no dents or damage on it. Are the power...
  15. Farmer mk1

    Kuhn and sulky combination drill

    Hi folks, Has anyone got a hr3003 3004 power Harrow with a sulky compact tramline drill mounted on it. Looking to swap our maschio Harrow in and get a Kuhn but wondered if the drill will fit on or is it going to need some fabricating to make it fit. Haven’t got the money to buy a new drill but...
  16. Farmer mk1

    New Holland tm edc valve

    Anyone have one for sale brand or good second hand? Ours has broke a spring inside. Thanks Mark
  17. Farmer mk1

    Tm rear linkage control

    Hello, anyone had issues with the rear linkage mud guard control not working. I put a second hand edc valve on it as one on ours went faulty. Now the linkage works fine in the cab but it doesn’t work on the fender buttons. It some times work but sometimes doesn’t. Anyone had any issues like this...
  18. Farmer mk1

    Ceat vs bkt

    Evening folks, Wanting to order a set of tyres, tyre man says that the Ceat are better than the bkt what we had on last time. Basically anyone had any ceat tyres on and think there better than the bkt. We had a set of bkt on it last time and they have done 4000 hour of mainly road work so...
  19. Farmer mk1

    Kuhn 3004 power harrow

    Any half decent 3004 about? Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  20. Farmer mk1

    Dump trailer

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy a dump trailer and would like it on full commercials with the 420x180 brakes on 20t suspension but I only want a small body on it to carry like 14t of hardcore so it would get like 18t of clay on. Also I’d like to be able to take it on jobs with the 3t digger...