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  1. AT Aloss

    Anyone looking for any top bales or bales for a beet clamp or stock corral?

    Had to clear some ryegrass straw in a hurry yesterday ahead of today's rain that wasn't quite fit to bale. 8 x 4 x 4; suitable for a stock corral/making a beet clamp or mixing into bedding straw at a push.
  2. AT Aloss

    Tractor security - door locks & ignition locks

    Has anyone found any after market security devices for door locks/ignition barrels, or has anyone found a supplier that can change any of them to unique key?
  3. AT Aloss

    Defra first estimates of 2020 UK wheat and barley production

    A late harvest & no data from Wales or N.I. has resulted in Defra's first forecast of harvest 2020 coming in with an average wheat yield of 7.98 t/ha & average barley yield of 7.96 t/ha (winter & spring sown figures combined). Let's have a quick straw poll to see whether it's higher or lower in...
  4. AT Aloss

    HMRC telephone fraud scam

    Just in case you've got elderly relatives that might fall prey to these sorts of things - just had a phone call from 01332 748821 notifying me of an HMRC fraud case against me - if I don't press 1 on my phone to confirm my details there'll be a warrant put out for my arrest.🤦‍♂️ Three square...
  5. AT Aloss

    BPS 2019

    It would be interesting to see how the RPA perform this year given the flooding and crop losses people have experienced. I'm sure we all hope that they take the best advantage to get businesses paid early in the payment window.