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  1. JMM

    Are All Water Companies Not Fit For Purpose?

    Same here, but with Castle Water, also the stupid feckers had been reading a redundant meter which was left in situ by Thames Water when they replaced the main stop valve, they then found the actual meter and tried to charge me £3,500 for a 6 month period, bearing in mind I have no livestock at...
  2. JMM

    RIP Jethro

    No one will see that - not on a Wednesday.
  3. JMM

    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    My Son has this one - he’s very pleased with it.
  4. JMM

    things that make you smile

    Three and a half years after he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, my youngest son got to ring the bell, signifying the end of his treatment. Each bead represents a procedure, medication, blood test etc...
  5. JMM

    Amorok ....strange problem..

    Vauxhall steering locks wore easily, the one on my Nova was non existant
  6. JMM

    Amorok ....strange problem..

    My favourite was the Vauxhall Nova and Cavalier where if you took the hazard light switch out, turned it upside down and put it back in and pressed the switch, the ignition came on, it was just a matter of a bump start and you were away without needing a key.
  7. JMM

    Are Red back boots worth the money?

    clean them up a bit and fill the hole with some CT - 1, did that to my last pair, gave them another 4 months.
  8. JMM

    Horsch CO6 cable extension

    No worries
  9. JMM

    Horsch CO6 cable extension

    I presume you have the Agtron Drillmanager, and i know its for a Sprinter 4 but would item 56 on the diagram do the job ?
  10. JMM

    Vegan society eats itself Sorry its from the Daily Wail.
  11. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    They're from Ciren - the show is filmed in Northleach, trouble is we now have tourists coming to visit who spend most of their time taking photos of the bus stop and looking in through peoples windows.
  12. JMM

    Case MX Thermostart pipe

    I'm getting a bit fed up with the quality of these damned things, original one did 15 years, since then they seem to do around 12 months. The latest one split this afternoon, spraying diesel all over the turbo and exhaust manifold, has anyone got a workaround or delete that they have used?
  13. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    He and Andy Wilman owned 50% of the Top Gear name, rights, merchandising etc which they flogged back to the Beeb for a considerable amount, whilst they had it there were some enormous dividends paid, remember Top Gear was one of the BBCs premium worldwide brands, add to that his presenters...
  14. JMM

    When to stop spraying due to heat

    I was always told to avoid spraying in direct sun if the temperature is 20c or above, thats direct sun mind you, i've sprayed in temperatures up to 24c with it overcast with no ill effects.
  15. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Harry is about 10 miles or so from Clarkson, on the south side of Burford. I agree he has a very pragmatic outlook and is superb at explaining what goes on and why he makes his decisions.
  16. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Thats a Fleming one too.
  17. JMM

    Grove just answer the question

    Gove can't give a straight answer when he is in his human form Allegedlly this was taken during Cameron's second term as PM.
  18. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    I'm suprised you called it a village - its had a town charter since 1227 - you'd get lynched by the locals if you called it that ;)
  19. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Yet they're the tossers who turn up here to their second homes and cause chaos by clogging up our little town to go the the 'wonderful' pub that caters exclusively to their sort, ironically its the place where This Country is filmed.
  20. JMM

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show Taking the pee out of Kaleb because he doesn't want to go to London is pretty sneerning, comparing him to Kurtan from this country too.