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  1. Netherfield

    Clarkson's feeling sore
  2. Netherfield

    Any of you good at vaccinations

    Good money to be made. Amanda Pritchard gives some more details of what the NHS is doing to meet the challenge of expanding the booster programme in England. She says community pharmacies and GP surgeries will be offered an increased £15 standard payment per delivered jab until January, with an...
  3. Netherfield

    Daylight Robbery, Cheaper tool for Superseal connectors required.

    I wanted to be able to plug /unplug a couple of wires easily, choice between anderson or superseal, went for superseal only to find the crimpers vary from £40 to £100+ a pair. For a one off job it's far too much. Compared to a pair of crimpers for ethernet plugs, I bought a pair for £4.99, do...
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    What's he growing here.

    Behind the house there's a 12 acre field, belongs to Lord Dartmouth estate. Until 10 years ago it was grass for silage, not fenced well enough for cattle. Then this family sold the farmyard for building and another chap came as a share farming operation, started with Fodder Beet, then grass for...
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    Sainsbury's to cut price of 60 products

    ....including Chicken,Bacon, Herbs and Potatoes, also affecting Dairy products later in the month. I wonder who will be funding that?
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    Machinery dispersal sales, Cawthorne, Near Barnsley and Farnley Tyas Nr Huddersfield.
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    How much noise can one fan make?

    Yesterday my desktop started making a horrendous racket, turned out to be a 60mm fan on the graphics card. Tiny drop of 3 in 1 oil and silence prevails again. Can't comprehend how something so small can make so much noise.
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    How many tractors at a dealership?

    As above how many tractors would you expect a dealership to have in stock. On Google maps I've found one with 160+ JD,s and 35+ JCBs which I think look mostly telehandlers. On top of stacks of wheels and tyres. Although said dealer does advertise tractor hire as well, it seems a very large...
  9. Netherfield

    What has Red Bones.

    Dog keeps finding these in the garden, assume it's either a Sparrowhawk or a cat that's leaving them behind, but what's from?
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    WTF is matter with these people

    Dozens rescued from snowstorm with Snake Pass 'busier than bank holiday' as hundreds break Tier border Derbyshire Police say Snake Pass was busier than a summer Bank Holiday Derbyshire Police vehicles were called out to help people caught out by bad weather - despite the...
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    Would you or do you have a show on your land

    Local show are looking for a new home again. mixture of all sorts of animals, including fur and feather. Ignoring at the moment problems with Covid which could negate the question anyway So as above would you?
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    Would you or do you have a show on your land

    Local show are looking for a new home again So as above would you?
  13. Netherfield

    Oneplus Nord, anybody got one

    Does anyone know how to get personal ringtones on to this phone. Can't seem to access the music /audio folder all music and ringtones from the old phone are sat in 'Dropbox' but I can't make the phone 'see' them.
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    What files can we attach.

    Tried to attach an excel xlsx file and been refused
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    Danish Dairy Beef

    Just had an email sent offering this, @£30 per kg it's not cheap though.
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    Whatsapp problem

    For some reason just recently i'm not getting notifications from Whatsapp, neither tone nor vibrate, wife and myself have identical phones and the settings are the same, hers gives a tone mine does not. Normal text and phone tones and vibrate OK though.
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    Router recommendation

    Finally got fibre to the cabinet available, now need a better faster Router, any recommendations out there. Old stone walled property, so good wi-fi a bonus.
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    What do you eat for breakfast

    I don't know if it's been asked before, but here goes. Porridge 3 days a week, scrambled eggs twice a week, bacon butty once and a full english once. Reason I ask, I've just recently seen a mate of mine at his farm shop and eatery, he surprised himself and me with what people have. Pork pie...
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    Train derailment in Stonehaven , Aberdeenshire
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    2 stroke oil, what have I done wrong

    When buying a Stihl machine I got thrown in the deal Stihl oil, now used up and have bought some Oregon oil, 2 Echo and 1 Stihl don't like it, smoke like hell and one even oiled the plug. Mixed by using the old Stihl bottle which has a measuring device on it, fill the measurer to the line and...