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  1. chaffcutter

    Very Robust Automatic Security Barrier other than Swing / Sliding Gate?

    Have a word with Damien at Perimeter Controls, May well make you anything you want, 07949327184.
  2. chaffcutter

    The Relationship between SFI and CSS ?

    @Janet Hughes Defra - we are in the SFI Pilot, so does this apply to us, that we can enter 'an area' (but not the same area each year) into CSS options eg AB9, AB1, AB8 without upsetting the SFI ? Or does this only apply to entrants in the SFI proper when it is launched?
  3. chaffcutter

    Combinables Price Tracker

    A few weeks ago the story was that no snow cover and good frosts would lead to heavy winter kill in wheat crops in Eastern Europe?
  4. chaffcutter

    Where To Buy Wheels, Tyres For Implements?

    Have a look on Farm Marketplace, loads of tyres etc on there, some from Terry Elsey at good prices
  5. chaffcutter

    How do you get rats to eat rat bait?

    @richard hammond does vermin control courses. He says rats can’t swallow unless they lift their heads up, so put some bait in an old tyre on top of blocks, with a secure lid. They can get in under the tyre and when eating have to have their heads up so swallow it. Seems to work for us, just wish...
  6. chaffcutter

    Today at work

    @Lincs Lass how do you manage stuff like that fence erection on your own, or have you taken on an apprentice?
  7. chaffcutter

    Fuel Category Continues To Build

    HALSO and Watson’s must cover Stafford surely?
  8. chaffcutter

    Member Gator - coming home to lambing

    @gators girl was posting on his thread in the last few days, lots of condolences expressed on there.
  9. chaffcutter

    JCB 414s & Toe Tip for loading Lorry's

    Our JCB 924? with a toe tip gets 29 t on in 9 buckets of wheat Wouldn’t want that bucket on anything smaller mind
  10. chaffcutter

    Is anyone still buying side by side 12 bores ?

    Local gun shop was giving a side x side away with every gun they sold a year or so ago!
  11. chaffcutter

    Grabbing a rat by its tail

    On my pre college farm back in the 60’s they had made a temporary bin for feed barley under the Dutch barn with hay as one side and then stacked straw on top. We emptied it down and I found that the ‘floor’ was old hay bales, and it was moving under my feet !, we got the dogs and everyone with...
  12. chaffcutter

    Coming Home For Lambing.

    So sorry to hear @gators girl , I have never kept sheep but your Dad made this thread so interesting that I always enjoyed reading it. RIP @Gator
  13. chaffcutter

    Anyone used Montana Flotation tyres, any good?

    As title, never heard of them but fitted to a trailer I was looking at.
  14. chaffcutter

    Hardtop for mk5 Toyota Hilux double cab wanted

    I wasn’t sure what they call the ‘extended cab’ version. I assume you are looking s/h not new?
  15. chaffcutter

    Hardtop for mk5 Toyota Hilux double cab wanted

    One in TFF classified under farm vehicles, foe an ‘extra cab’ ?
  16. chaffcutter

    Ex employer won't ?

    Ring up City and Guilds at Stoneleigh, probably register with them whoever did the training.
  17. chaffcutter

    Building plot

    How about doing a joint project with a builder and split the dibs? He finances and builds, you don’t have the hassle?
  18. chaffcutter

    VAT on storage - Opting to tax?

    Our accountant advised us to take the option to tax on buildings especially if you claimed the VAT on the cost of the building, it can be specific though so you can set the option on a particular area. Also applies to any land which may be developed in the future or you couldn’t reclaim the VAT...
  19. chaffcutter

    IAE Ashbourne Field Gate

    Get a quote from Carl Mears, our neighbour, just had two from him...07966-233-380
  20. chaffcutter

    Countryfile tonight

    Friend of ours was killed some years ago ina collision with a deer, came into the car through the windscreen , broke his neck. Collisions only too common on Cannock Chase. We gave up some land on the edge of the Chase because the deer herd was getting far too big and causing a huge amount of...