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  1. blackieman83

    Perimeter fence for yard ideas please

    Looking something tidy to shelter and enclose a yard area, anyone got any pics or ideas? May end up building a wall but would prefer some form of fence as may need to alter in the future.
  2. blackieman83

    Mushrooms anyone?

    I know nothing about mushrooms just thought some one here could shed some light on what these are.
  3. blackieman83

    Tool identification please?

    Can anyone tell me what this little chisel type tool is called or what it's used for?
  4. blackieman83

    Tyres for 956

    Looking at putting a new set of tyres on my 4wd 956, she is currently on 12.4 x 28 fronts and 16.9 x 38 rears, ideally I would like to go up a size any recommendations as to what size I can put on without messing up the ratios for the 4wd?
  5. blackieman83

    Weed ID please?

    Anyone hazard a guess at what this is please?
  6. blackieman83

    New Shed

    I enjoy seeing others who have posted photos of their projects and their progression so thought I'd share pictures of my recent building project. Site before Digging out and concrete foundation pads
  7. blackieman83

    Drinkers for sheep house?

    Looking at drinker bowls for a sheep house, what's peoples thoughts on the small JFC nose fill type?
  8. blackieman83

    Weed ID Please

    A man lookin a field sprayed has sent me this picture What is it? And what will kill it? TIA
  9. blackieman83

    Lister Fertiliser Spreader

    Have this wee spinner needing a spreading disc, total long shot this I know but does anyone know of anything available or even have one they could share pictures of that we could maybe get something made up to suit. Thanks in advance.
  10. blackieman83

    The IH / Case Thread

    Thought I'd start a thread to share pictures or where anyone can ask questions about IH and Case tractors/machines, random chats or stories relating to these are welcome also. Some pics of our extended family's tractors, most of which have already appeared in Classics earning their Keep, to get...
  11. blackieman83

    Drill Powered Water Pump

    Has anybody used one of the cheap wee water pumps? Any good? Was thinking of using one to fill a water tub for sheep from a stream.
  12. blackieman83

    Case IH 856 2wd

    Going to look at one of the above at the weekend, anybody any advice what to look out for? Also any idea on top speed of these tractors, do a small bit of contract spraying and would like something nippy for longer road journeys, would the 856 be comparable to the 885/895 or an 844, think I...
  13. blackieman83

    Sonarol Front end loaders

    Just asking on behalf of a mate who is looking for a loader for his JD6520, any opinions on these loaders? From the pictures I've seen they look very similar to a Quicke.
  14. blackieman83

    McCormick B23 Mower

    Anyone know what timber the pitman drive stick should be made from on one of these?
  15. blackieman83

    IH 74/84/85/95 Series Pick up hitch???

    Don't check in on the classic machinery forum very often so am not familiar with who's who with regard to choice of machinery! Just lookin a bit of advice from the IH men so if anyone sees this and could tag someone who may know something that would be great, thanks. So to the issue at hand...
  16. blackieman83

    Ewe lambs licking steel stanchion in shed??????

    As the title says really, anyone ever came across this before? They seem to do it after they have had meal fed, some do it more than others, was wondering if they were maybe deficient in something? Any thoughts appreciated thanks.
  17. blackieman83

    Anyone own a Quadzilla?

    A mate is looking at buying a Quadzilla UTV, just wondering if anyone on here had any experience or knowledge of them? Thanks.
  18. blackieman83

    If it's not Orf, what is it?

    Anyone any thoughts on what this is on this ewe? Got about 5 with it but this one is by far the worst. Thanks.