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  1. jh.

    Getting paid for straw ?

    I had actually saved the video . Don't know if he ever did the follow up and I've just missed it.
  2. jh.

    Getting paid for straw ?

    Harry's farm a few months ago had done some soil sampling and briefly pointed out his worst land was the stuff often baled by a neighbour . I don't know if he ever covered it in a follow up video as sounded interesting.
  3. jh.

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Best I've been offered recently in Fife is 260 for Diablo malting but heard laureate up at 275 .
  4. jh.

    How Do You Clean Your Tractor, Or Dont You?

    Use to pressure wash and polish tractors like crazy but these days I blow them down with an airline and keep pressure washing to a minimum. Too many electrics and wanting to keep them longer is my reason . If only to last 5 or 6 years it's different . Only time I really get the pressure washer...
  5. jh.

    Which 5 furrow plough?

    When I've priced overum to KV , I've usually got a 5 furr overum for less than a 4 furr KV. If you want a just drop and go plough that makes a job, it's KV every time . Overums can make as good a job but need a lot more spannering ime. For stony going I rate overum better . KVs don't like...
  6. jh.

    Ad blue delete,mid Lincs area No idea if they work but if it just deletes , rather than remap giving more power as well , it might be safer ?
  7. jh.

    How hard to fit tractor radio.

    Bought a used 2019 Massey 7720 last year . It has a Kenwood stereo. It always defaults to some random digital station when first switched on . Switch to a standard fm stored station and after about 10seconds goes back to digital for that station. Just can't get it to hold last station or...
  8. jh.

    Ad blue

    I don't mind the cost of the adblue but don't fancy the cost of sensors and pumps as the machine gets older and out of warranty. Heard stories of exporters hauling all the emmisions stuff off before they even leave the docks as other countries won't buy them with it still fitted
  9. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    I was in no way having a go at Direct Driller mag or TFF just trying to get a discussion going about the article . Wisconsonian has covered some of it , with his ref to the tables . I could not follow what the author was getting at with the figures. They make no sense to me that 40% of ground...
  10. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    Thanks Chris F , It is better that people can read the article now. I just can't see how the graphs and tables can be used to share any information as give no reference to rates , from what I could find . The surface area claim they make doesn't say a rate just " per metric ton " so surely...
  11. jh.

    JD C670i

    It was the grain pan below the rotors , that was swapped on the one that used to cut here . We thought it was grain building up on it and then all slipping forward in a oner and landing in that area over loading it .
  12. jh.

    JD C670i

    I'm going back about 10 years on this but iirc the one that cut here got the smooth grain pan switched to a fishback style . I can't recall grain making it into fan housing but I think from memory going up a hill was causing a build up on pan which was then overloading sieves for a distance...
  13. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    So first table picture , you all reckon is their on farm samples and second table I posted later , is the regulations they go on about ? The first table is what threw me with the area coverage and percentages through screens as no way should screened be finer than ground unless it's read the...
  14. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    The article is from a company called soil first farming . Will this be the spec for the lime regulations they mention ? I suppose 100% not meeting the spec could just mean they have only tested one ground and one screened
  15. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    Ah so you reckon that was their sample . Not got article to hand at moment but I had thought the figures in table might be a fertiliser regulation spec from the 1990s . Hopefully there is a link to online article in coming weeks . It did stink of a salesman selling prilled as it said 100% of...
  16. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    That's what I'm trying to get my head around with this article . Is ground 5% first sieve 60% 2nd and balance through so 55% fine Screened 5% first sieve 30% second so fine balance just 25%
  17. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    I think what they are getting at is the course stuff in bulk is a waste of time as takes so long to break down . I'm probably reading it wrong but if with ground only 40% is below 0.15mm and useful . Does that mean a blanket 5 ton a hec is really only 2 ton a hec of decent stuff and you would...
  18. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    Trying to get my head around this . Surface area "Per metric ton" , so what rate of prilled would be needed to match a ground rate of 5ton a hec. Never used prilled so no idea on how much a ton even costs compared to a bulk wagon tipped for a lime spreader but surely the cost of a prilled...
  19. jh.

    Most efficient way to use Muck in FERT FIASCO!!!!

    Last year I dunged a field and min tilled spring barley in . I think it worked better than ploughing it down as the crop got hold of it sooner . We grow malting barley and always had to watch when ploughed down as seems to go to the head and push up Ns . We always winter ploughed as spring...
  20. jh.

    This time next month, virus.

    I can't understand why after having covid and getting natural immunity , they say to wait 28days before a booster . Why is the booster needed ?. It's like a professor on tv other day. South Africa have milder omicron cases but they have natural immunity while ours is out a bottle . In other...